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What is going on in Timaru???

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 21:47:52

Such that within 1 week of arriving a South African Orthopedic Surgeon's Medical Doctor wife would decide to murder their 3 small girls...

For the wife to then be taken by ambulance... Then remanded in custody by his employer... For a psychiatric assessment to be conducted trying to figure out why she did it...

Or did she?

Quite the mystery... Did they get their visas because she was an infectious disease specialist and she started complaining about what was (or was not) going on in the hospital??

So at this point he can be Orthopedic Surgeon in New Zealand (a title not recognised in any other country at all when we don't recognise anybody with that title overseas as being of that title in New Zealand) or... He can be... Nothing at all? In prisoned himself?

If they can't extradite to stand trial in the USA they aren't likely to be releasing people to the South African Government.

Quite the farcical farce of a farce-land.

Meanwhile New Zealanders are denied places in quarantine while we bring these 'essential workers' in. Because Orthopedic Surgeons are what we need, right now. Only for them to be murdered 1 week post arrival.

She was not a murderer when she arrived in NZ. She was apparently respected by people who knew her overseas.

NZ. Brings out the worst in peoplel. That's for sure.


what is going on with our vaccine roll-out?

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:08:53

In reply to What is going on in Timaru???, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 21:47:52

The day I became eligible I booked the first available day and time.

I got sent a text to acknowledge. I did not get sent a code.

My first appointment isn't until October. But apparently 70 something per cent of eligible people in Auckland have had one vaccination.

So how did they jump the cue, then?

Apparently 'priority codes' were sent out to people.

A lot of people were saying they got sent 'priority codes' and 'invitations to book' before they were actually eligible. As in, some people were complaining about this. That the government wasn't doing it properly. Saying they weren't going to jump the cue. They were going to wait for their turn.

But various other people were taking their 12 year olds along to vaccination drive-throughs before the first booked appointment for over 40 was made available in rural urban centres (where they want athe adults to die, likely, because if they haven't made it into the mansions of the surrounding suburbs we want them dead -- right?)

And apparently people just got sent these private invitation codes so they could pack the cars full of all their friends and smaller relations...

And this is apparently how it is that more than 70 per cent of eligible people in Auckland have had one vaccination already.

And I call...


The government says that you can bring your booked appointment forward... But I didn't get a code with my booking to do that. So I can't. And if I try and book an earlier appointment it says I have an appointment so I can't book an earlier one.

I am likely supposed to phone the magical hotline number and suck up to some person on the other end who will use their special magical powers to choose me! choose me! choose me! give me a priority booking code pick me! pick me new zealand!

But I'd rather just book. Like you are supposed to do. In the civilised world. You know. You don't have to spend your life sucking up for special this and special that and we choose to choose because we like your smile and Spread your legs for Covid and...

People are calling out how people are travelling around on... Apparently MPs are writing letters of 'essential worker travel exemption' and the law society is giving lawyers ones (for court appearances they are saying -- now the law society is trying ot make it seem that everyone else is doing it to cover their *ss*s for the fact that 'essential court business' is happening via AVL via AVL via AVL people aren't in the courts for 'essential court business' nobody needs to be.

they were giving saline...

they were imposing restrictions so severe as to make criminials of us all.l that was the point. then we would all 'yessir yessir anything you say sir' and it would be all understood that everybody was breaking the rules. to make us all complicit in being hypocrit rule breakers.

that makes sense of so much of the mixed messaging signals. about the road works and so on. they intentionally have all these stupid instructions and stupid rules so that you area fool for following them...

so it comes down to blinking stupid blinking eyes and pleading for special exemption just for you...

and things are too corrupt here for the most basic of things to function.


court costs up up up up up and away!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:19:08

In reply to what is going on with our vaccine roll-out?, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:08:53

so it's hard to find a straight answer.

it seems that the judgment is delivered...

and then only if the parties are not in agreement do the courts issue a judgment on costs. the default is each party covers their own -- unless something different is agreed. but if parties cannot agree then a party can ask the courts to issue a judgment.

i informed the respondents that i intended to take the high court judgments to the court of appeal. so... let the costs fall where they lie until things are heard on appeal.

the respondents told the courts that we did not agree on costs. so the courts issued a judgment that i was to pay the costs.

so now i have 2 judgments for every case. the main judgment and the costs judgment.

each of those is apparently a new filing in the court of appeal. so the case load or number of cases has doubled because the high court refused to issue a judgment saying costs should be reserved until the issue was resolved thorugh the courts. Instead the courts chose to issue judgment making more work for me. doubling the number of cases i have to appeal.

so now the filing fees for the court of appeal are double what they would be if the courts had have said the costs were reserved until the matter was resolved.

the courts also chose to issue an order saying I was to pay more than $7,000 in security for costs to have each of the cases heard on appeal.

Usually security for costs is something that one of the parties asks for when they think the other party won't pay costs if they lose. but the party didn't ask for the courts to do this. the courts took it upon themselves to issue orders saying I pay, effectively $14,000 per high court case (x2 judgments per case).

so i need to file an application that they waive that. and the registrar declines it but i can appeal that (to the same registrar within 20 days) and the registrar declined it but i can appeal that (to the same registrar within 20 days )and the registrar declines it so I can appeal and then it goes to the judge and the judge says 'no'.

so then i need to pay $1,100 in filing fee for each of the cases (or apply to have it waived, right, but more disbursements for the courts) to be heard by the supreme court!!!

what is the supreme court hearing?

the decision of the court of appeal to refuse to hear the case on appeal because I wasn't able to pay security for costs that they chose to impose upon me otherwise they refuse to hear the case.

what nonsense is this?

oh, but we aren't at the supreme court hearing stage yet.

i submitted an application (for 3 of the 7 cases -- still waiting on registrars of judges from the court of appeal on the other ones) for the supreme court to re-consider preventing the case being heard on appeal by declining security... and they sent a letter saying I had 10 days to lodge an application.

riiiiiiiight. i was applyilng to apply!!!! yeeeeees. that must be it.

i was applying to apply for the application to apply to....

what kind of garbage nonsense is this f*ck-tard land of new zealand

nobody here

nothing home


Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:27:21

In reply to court costs up up up up up and away!!!!, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:19:08

i know they are trying to swamp me with paperwork. i know. it's pretty f*ck*ng tiresome for it to be so blatantly pathetically obvious that that is what they are doing. not the pesky lawyers of the opposition... the judiciary of new zealand.

why think we have justice anymore than education or health?

so the laws that we have in the country appear to be the bare minimum of things they think they can get away with when it comes to international obligations etc.

that's what they are. that's the spirit with which they need to be understood.

all the money that comes into the country so that we have people given these government jobs to do things international community requires us to do.

to have police. to have government prsecutors. to have someone who takes the compliants of wrongdoing and gets the complaints to the prosecutors.

the laws on the banks being required to verify indentity and look into where money is coming from before opening accounts. the anti-money laundering stuff they are supposed to do.

everyone is just trying to drag their heels and get around the laws... just seeing the laws and bothersome things and they won't and they won't and they won't and you can't make me.

that's the level of the leadership of new zealand.

and then they feel like they are dragging their heels being forced to comply with things... that they don't have the capacity to understand.

and somehow that justifies their position of expecting the people of nz to comploy with their non-sensical orders. get on board with this whole idea of nobody compplying with any of the stupid things they are asked to do.

nasty bruitish and short. they wll not allow things to be any other way.


Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:36:33

In reply to Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:27:21

and the only reason we have medical doctors at all is because of international laws on things...

cause of death.

psychiatric assessment (criminal defence context)

psychiatric hospital (vs prison for detaining people against their will in government institutions)



you get the idea.

but increasingly we won't allow international community into these things. we won't hire people who can do these things to international standards.

we will only allow people prounce the cause of death if they go 'of course Jacinda Ardern was right when she said that this death was unrelated to vaccination and that this other death was of natural causes in the prisons and this other death was suicide, of course).

and we ill only allow people who sign off on what administration has decided... Let's see that one is 'lock down' so you say the 3 magical things you say for the legal definition of psychosis and you get up in tehir face to try and provoke self-defence which means you are legally enttitled to take them down to the ground and stab tehm in their eyees with rusty needles full of olanzapline.


you get the idea.

on who gets to be medical doctor in new zealand.

and why.

and the idiots who are really running the show...

ruining things for us all...

mighty masters oh leaders of the rubbish...

the cricket team was in danger going into pakistan.

the world is in lock-down didn't yuo know?

oh. you thought you were special. the nz government gave you pass-ports to do whatever you want whenever you want because you want..

maybe don't try that one in pakistan.


the nz government can't keep accurate health records. any accurate records.

the paper records are terrible...

it really is just an exercise to see just how much the govenrment of nz is willing to sell out the health of it's people.

isn't it.

how many vaccines they have sold on the black market.

how many counter-fit they have obtained.

how much they are watering down the doses... giving people saline..

is it any wonder the developed world won't acknowledge NZ vaccine passports. they will require us to be vaccinated again. by someone authorised to give vaccination.

nz qualifications and trainings don't count because they don't mean anything.

nobody gives a sh*t what the new zeealand government hsa to say.

a government that trades away the health of it's people is not a legitimate government.

nobody votes for the ADMINISTRATION that DOES NOT CHANGE.

parliament is just a... farce. to distract and detract from the ADMNISTRATION WHICH DOES NOT CHANGE


Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:44:46

In reply to Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:36:33

so come on supreme court of new zealand.

tell me that, after taking each high court judgment and delivering 2 judgments so as to double the disburements to the court and drive up the costs of both sides...

please supreme court...

tell me...

that you don't see the public interest or significance in cases that have to do with nz public universities refusing to process applicaitnos to enrol, refusing to get theses submitted for exam to examiners, refusing to arrange examination for the correct qualification, refusing to base the outcome of exam on reports of examiners...

refusing to allow students to work to internationally accepted standards...

refusing to process whistleblower allegations.. refusing to process complaints of serious wrongdoing... refusing to process compmlaints of misusing official doucments (theses) and demanding bribe payment...

refusing to see any of these practices (that happen over and over the courts say theres nothing wrong with how we do business there's nothing wrong with how we treat all our studnets)

say it.

so i can take the complaints to internatinal community...

just another stack of f*ck*ng paperwork showing the illigitmacy of the new zealand government.

trading away athe education of it's people.
the health of it's people.
no justice fo rthe people no within nz.

round and round and round driving the costs up... driving the disbusrements up...

round and round and round swirling down the drain of the swamp that is new zealand

f*ck*ng farcical farce of a farce land.

where is my degree??? 1 year of research. i did. and now it's f*ck*ng time to pay.

f*ck*ng psychopaths.

if they didn'dt want me saying what i said.... then they really should have treated me better.

not just me... the peple of new zealand.

ordering me to write it was ultra vires.

it's like... if you try and force me to give you a bl*w j*b then don't be surprised if i bite you dick off.

i mean... what did you expect?


Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:50:14

In reply to Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:44:46

here's my thesis...


did you like it?

what's that? you didn't like it how i said that Peter Crampton was writing about how the best thing about being an administrator of the Maaori health clinics was that there was no accountability on where the money went to or what it was spent on etc etc and how there was so much more money for having Maaori enrolled in the health clinics.

i said it was like the governmetn put a bounty on the heads of the maaori so that psychopathic administrators would sign them up for their health clinics only to grubbity grub grub up all the money while providing little to no healthcare to the maaori enrolled in their cliniics.

if you don't like what i have to say you can sue me for liable. right?

or you could invite me to come give a talk and question me. show me otherwise. publicically. then we can all learn something. show me otherwise. give me something worth working towards. no?

silence me then.

good idea. good strategy. good plan.

good good good.

hey i know... let's give them 'special codes' for all the vaccines we grubby grub grub grub grubbed into the region. just for them.

yeah right.


Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 23:00:27

In reply to Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:50:14

everyone gets vaccinated under a 'special code' otherwise not. no?

everyone jumps the cue or else...

we know what we value in this country. psychopaths. so we can think that they deserve what they get.

if everyone is psychopaths playing the same game of trying to jump the cue and the like...

then we don't feel so bad with respect to how we are screwing them over.

the administration is determined to make criminals of us all.

people are walkling around like... like everyone is supposed to at least pretend that they've had a vaccine. right. they've been proactive and gotten vaccinated. taken one for the team of 5 million. i mean we hear on the news all the time about all the things the government has been doing to get the vacccines to the people. the drive through clinicis. the mass vaccination events.

everything except letting people book doses when (and only when) they are eligible...

i think...

those doses haven't arrived yet.

is what i think.

we have been administering them faster than they have been arriving. and we are supposed to record how many have been administered and we paid by the number of doses administered.

and so the government finds itself in this predicament... problem... position...

whereby it is uncertain whether furture shipments will arrive. because they have been lying. either about the number admnistered or... the number already paid for...

i mean to say they know what number of doses they sent us... 5 per vial. and how many shipments remaning on the basis of 5 doses per vial.

but we are administering... what exactly? what was our rate? how many doses per day?

so how many shipments are still to arrive?

i have my booked appointment.

what happened to my vaccine?

did the new zealand governmetn give it away?

i think they were getting euthanasia medicine arriving about now...

maybe they'll give that to me instead.

because we don't believe in freedom of speech at all in this country it seems.

refusing to get theses to examiners. Refusing to sign off on graduate research qualifications.

wont do it.

just won't do it.


It is esporanto-maaori is what it is. the government has taken top-dowon control of what maaori is and what words mean what and what phrases you are and are not allowed to say. what you are allowed to think... nz government esporanto-maaori.

what do we know about esporanto? we know that that level of top down governance... means it is doomed to fail. is what we know.

if you wanted to exterminate the maaori language then appropraiting it with consdierable top-down control (everyone must be forced to speak esporanto-maaori otherwise that would be racist) is likely the most effective way that anybody knows of exterminating the language once and for all.

ka pai.


ka pai

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 23:06:08

In reply to Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 23:00:27

1) good! well done!
2) it serves you right

other phrases

p*k* p*k*!
1) clap clap (your hands)
2) that's stupid (clap clap for the handicap clap clap for the retard)

it's what the kids learn in the schools

negative numbers

manu owes paul 500 dollars so her bank account is in negative credit or negative balance...

that's the math that's right fo ryou

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