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Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 23:00:27

In reply to Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:50:14

everyone gets vaccinated under a 'special code' otherwise not. no?

everyone jumps the cue or else...

we know what we value in this country. psychopaths. so we can think that they deserve what they get.

if everyone is psychopaths playing the same game of trying to jump the cue and the like...

then we don't feel so bad with respect to how we are screwing them over.

the administration is determined to make criminals of us all.

people are walkling around like... like everyone is supposed to at least pretend that they've had a vaccine. right. they've been proactive and gotten vaccinated. taken one for the team of 5 million. i mean we hear on the news all the time about all the things the government has been doing to get the vacccines to the people. the drive through clinicis. the mass vaccination events.

everything except letting people book doses when (and only when) they are eligible...

i think...

those doses haven't arrived yet.

is what i think.

we have been administering them faster than they have been arriving. and we are supposed to record how many have been administered and we paid by the number of doses administered.

and so the government finds itself in this predicament... problem... position...

whereby it is uncertain whether furture shipments will arrive. because they have been lying. either about the number admnistered or... the number already paid for...

i mean to say they know what number of doses they sent us... 5 per vial. and how many shipments remaning on the basis of 5 doses per vial.

but we are administering... what exactly? what was our rate? how many doses per day?

so how many shipments are still to arrive?

i have my booked appointment.

what happened to my vaccine?

did the new zealand governmetn give it away?

i think they were getting euthanasia medicine arriving about now...

maybe they'll give that to me instead.

because we don't believe in freedom of speech at all in this country it seems.

refusing to get theses to examiners. Refusing to sign off on graduate research qualifications.

wont do it.

just won't do it.


It is esporanto-maaori is what it is. the government has taken top-dowon control of what maaori is and what words mean what and what phrases you are and are not allowed to say. what you are allowed to think... nz government esporanto-maaori.

what do we know about esporanto? we know that that level of top down governance... means it is doomed to fail. is what we know.

if you wanted to exterminate the maaori language then appropraiting it with consdierable top-down control (everyone must be forced to speak esporanto-maaori otherwise that would be racist) is likely the most effective way that anybody knows of exterminating the language once and for all.

ka pai.




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