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Re: security problem

Posted by alexandra_k on February 16, 2019, at 9:29:49

In reply to Re: security problem, posted by alexandra_k on February 16, 2019, at 9:20:22

I just don't seem to be able to get a straight answer out of the university. With respect to what they consider to be completion in the minimum time when it comes to research degrees. I don't know whether I'm wasting my time completing my thesis now because they have delayed me sufficiently so that I cannot complete in the minimum time. I really don't understand how I can be required to pay 1/2 fees, again, because my supervisor refused to work on it in a timely fashion. If she was in fact required to order me around for... Whatever... However.. Long before they decide you have 'done enough'. I mean what is 'done enough'. Done just so much so as you took more than the minimum time? Is it the case of branding all over again? One is not allowed to finish a philosophy thesis in this country unless one takes so much time such that no other field will have you because you have only established yourself to be such a sloooooooooooow woooooorker it muuuuuust taaaaaake you twiiiiiiiiice the tiiiiiiiime....

that's what people say.. said. would say. 'sure, you can do med. but maybe not full time. maybe you would need to go part time'.

people always say this to me.

people always will not let me work.

i don't think anyone finished the UMAT. i wonder how much of it one was *supposed* to do. the people who scored in 90th percentiles and the like, i mean. did they fill in an answer for every field? no marks off for a wrong answer so they must have - right? but they didn't get time to answer every question properly... i'm fairly sure about that... unless it was much more heavily mathematics guestimate rewarding than i thought it was...

maybe things really are as farcical as i fear they might be, a lot of the time.

and people just decided about me however many years ago that i would never be allowed to do anything. largely because i don't sufficiently suck up.

my supervisor said something to be before about making people want to help me. about how she would have a chat to me about that.

because i will never be allowed to do my work on time unless i do everyone elses work for them too, right? while making them believe they did it and it's their work.

my supervisor is learning how to supervise a thesis. especially slowly. in about twice the usual time. while being paid. and while being paid to sit on the scholarships committee, while making sure i don't get a scholarship.


i f*ck*ng love this country.

i mean... what am i supposed to say?

way to go district health boards. we can't seem to lose our accreditation fast enough. we don't want medicine or medical treatments. just want to pop out babies and start over and over and over and over and over. i suppose i'm glad the people running the show are out of sight.

where are the people?





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