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Re: security problem ert

Posted by alexandra_k on February 15, 2019, at 9:46:34

In reply to Re: security problem, posted by ert on February 14, 2019, at 13:39:50

It turns out that math isn't so bad. It's just that I wasn't taught the language. Mostly because my teachers didn't know it either, I suppose. It is hard to learn as an adult, because access to the curriculum is... Restricted in some way. Not entirely sure what it is. Places like Khan academy help, but you need to practice problems, and see people work problems.

> Society and people do behave like they do behave but not like you want that they have to behave. Everything else is maybe a somewhat too idealistic view of the reality.

Aspirational. But people lack cognitive capacity for the bigger picture and / or the longer term.

> The rental prices on the northern half of the island will maybe a bit higher. Thats what I saw in his documentary film. They resettled people from the center of the city to the outskirts. I assume the reason was to occupy the space by people who can pay more.

The rental prices in Auckland are a lot higher. But then you get extra income / welfare payments living in Auckland, too. Things are always such that I'm in the lowest quartile, it doesn't matter where I go in this country. The land is ridge-valley-like. Nobody wants to live in valleys, particularly, because they are a bit swampy / sewerage runs downhill and the sewers overflow a bit and there is a bit of a smell. Or the wooden shack houses don't dry out with a hill facing side or similar.

The city centre, here, is not affluent, by any means. It's a city centre slum. I'm noticing how many immigrants there are, here. Diversity is a good thing, don't get me wrong, but I am surprised at how much of the city is feeling like china-town. I think it is largely students. Students come here when they don't get into the good universities in Hong Kong.

> At least you dont have to turn on the ventilators very often in the northern part of the island.

The hotel rooms have heat pumps for air conditioning and I'm glad they do. Need to keep the windows shut because of street / city noise. And everything is a bit swampy...

> You seem to be a courageous lady.

Thanks. That's what they said when I left Dunedin, too.

I felt like they basically put me out to pasture in Dunedin.

Why would they want to do that for?

It just doesn't make any sense to me.

They cry 'we don't have enough skilled people' that's what our problem is. But then we refuse to acknowledge the skills of the people we have got. We refuse to acknowledge them as skilled.

It's just more complete and utter sh*t that people spout, is all.

I saw something the other day. About corruption in the education system in India. About bribes to get places in competitive programs. About... This idea that the teachers pretend to teach and the students pretend to learn. I realised that that is how First Year (for Medicine) feels at both Auckland and Otago. Don't get me wrong, I know students work hard to learn the bits they didn't learn from school... But there certainly is an aspect of the... Pretense. And the places go to the kids they were always going to go to.

I realise that the brain drain here is not that our smartest people left and then the remainder took over. It is more that the smart people fled. The people who fled did really well overseas. I do worry that I'm simply wasting my time, here. Things seem determined to go backwards / downhill, here. 'Giving it back'. Excuses... Feeding the... Aspect of society that I'm locked out of.

It seems to require doing some kind of meaningless job... A job that's fairly obviously bogus. A job that's working to undermine / kick back other people.

That seems to be how to get ahead or come out on top, here.

Hierarchical people, and all.

Keep working my way up the hierarchy, apparently. Till you get to the people who have transcended the hierarchy.

I guess it's irrelevant when you are fighting for food and shelter and so on.

I don't understand why we like to be such a f*ck*ng sh*t hole of a backwards country.

I don't know that they are going to let me finish my thesis. The overseas examiner was a bit more like, whatever, but the NZ one got stuck in. He basically doesn't accept... The most basic things. It would be like sending a technical thesis in philosophy of biology to someone who didn't have any sympathy at all for that kind of empirically minded philosophy. Or sending an analytic philosophy piece to someone who didn't have any sympathy for that. There aren't any philosophers working on what I did my thesis on. Or if they did they are all workign within the old framework. You know the one. The one that was declared unsustainable about 20 years or 30 years ago. And people in these parts continue to cry 'There is no alternative' in complete... Disregard of work that has been done over the last 20 or 30 years by people in other parts of the world...

So I have to change things round and round... And the examiner basically gets to piss all over it and make me make changes that make it worse and so on. And he doesn't know what I'm talking about half the time. And f*ck knows what it is that he works on and so on... And f*ck knows who decided to send it to him, anyways.

And it's supposed to be some kind of lesson to me in...

Why it was a really bad idea for me to come back to this sh*t hole, I can only suppose.

And the trouble is that there isn't really any reason for them to pass me since I clearly don't want to play their game, anymore. They needed to have got me through when I was much younger and when I could have made them believe that they were my f*ck*ng heroes and all I ever wanted in life was to grow up to be just like them doing just what they do!

The ombudsman... I imagine 7 months later I'll still be waiting for a case person to be assigned... The one request for information that was not upheld got a case person. But no progress update. So... No timely access to justice, it seems.

It isn't really couragous.

I wasn't ready to be put out to pasture. Dunedin wasn't going to let me work. So... Bye bye Dunedin. Good luck training the Australians to be Medical Doctors on the New Zealand Government and New Zealand taxpayers dime.

There is a real feeling of inter-generational oppression in Dunedin. Class... I didn't realise the Scottish were slavers. There is an aspect of that, there.

They have 'servant's health'. And yes, of course, we are all servants in the eyes of God. I hear a stern Scottish voice bark at me if I hang my head in shame... But the logo is female hands, wrists together, palms up. In a 'ready for my bondage shackles now' kind of a way. In a looking for handouts kind of a way. That's the... Tonality. That's how they treat an aspect of their population. How they have treated them. For generations. It is very... Dismal.

The idea seems to be that you need something like this to get people working hard.

But working hard at / to what?

And then you get these awful people in charge of them. The not to bright kids of the ruling class. That's the real danger of things, really. You get people doing things they are unsuited to. With respect to their temperament and abilities and interests. Because it is their birth right.

I realise it is because the arm of the law isn't that long. Civilisation...

You do want to get to the top / the people at the top... The people who have transcended hierarchical thinking.




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