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Re: security problem

Posted by alexandra_k on February 16, 2019, at 9:44:25

In reply to Re: security problem, posted by alexandra_k on February 15, 2019, at 17:21:47

the thing i'm having the hardest time with is that from memory... my supervisor was smart and kind. i remember thinking that. thinking that of her. i respected her. as a colleague and as a friend. but now, working with her, i really don't see any of that, anymore. philosophy in new zealand generally, i really don't see any of that, anymore. i see people quick to jump on 'name that fallacy' like a heavy handed cognitive therapist being all happy with themself that they managed to remember the name of (and identify) the cognitive distortion or faulty thinking error that they managed to learn about in school. and their focus on 'spot the fallacy' gets in the way of / prevents their comprehension of the content. they are so very quick to jump on mis-interpretations of what i'm saying to try and prove or show that i have made some error in thinking. instead of being charitable. assuming that i'm not an idiot. thinking that maybe instead of doing x badly maybe i'm doing something else.

and yet the people seem obsessed with it.

the course in the difference between science and pseudoscience.

and so on.

i'm supposed to stay with them and explain my thinking over the last 20 years especially slowly for them! there was a conference last year about a topic that there was a conference on... oh... 10 years ago? more? why more on that topic? because we are focused on history, already.... new zealand... always more than 20 years behind... always following allllooooooong eeeeeespeeeecialllly sllloooooooowwwly.

i could do more.

but i must do that. clearly. at their very own special pace. or i must do nothing at all.

awful people.

i'm 40 years old. f*ck*ng well let me go.




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