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Re: security problem

Posted by alexandra_k on February 16, 2019, at 9:20:22

In reply to Re: security problem, posted by alexandra_k on February 15, 2019, at 17:21:47

I guess it's the urban flight that many cities have. The city does just feel like poverty, to me. Sure, things are expensive, here, but the thing is that it is expensive *rubbish*. It isn't expensive because it is quality or anything like that. It is just expensive.

The city is full of young international students. And young local students, to be fair. Young students who will pack many of them into overcrowded apartment spaces. People who live off of empty calorie junk food so they make only very few rat droppings. Which is probably good for their housemates and the sewers...

The more affluent parts of the city are central suburbs. With more local shopping centres. Cafes and clothes shops and the like. There isn't much of anything in the city. International stores by the financial district, of course, but that's just part of the tourist trap around the harbour. Why would you come to New Zealand to buy Prada, or whatever? It doesn't make any sense, at all. You can tell the tourists are sick of it, too. Tired of the tourist speel.

I overheard one asking at the art gallery where they should go to see... Genuine Maaori art. Carvings and the like.

Because, of course, there aren't really any.

There isn't much of anything managed in the private sector.

I don't know what to do about my thesis. If I am forced to enrol for at least 6 more months before submitting it for examination then I find myself wondering how I'm supposed to be any further ahead than I was this time last year. I mean.... I applied to enrol last February with the intention of getting it handed in in around 6 months so as to get it completed on time.

Sounds to me like they just wasted a year of my life. Like they want me to repeat it. In order to... Teach my supervisor some kind of lesson about supervision? Teach me some kind of lesson about supervision?

THe idea seems to be that supervisors / examiners basically force you to re-write your thesis over and over until they sign off on it. So... Delete that sentance, insert this instead. Dont say that. Delete that. Reference this. Reference that.

So they basically write it for you or they will not accept it at all.

ANd people work particularly slooooooooowly in NZ. So your supervisor won't get it written on time, at all.

And apparently I need to hand over more fees, or the thing won't get written at all.

I don't know what to do. I have put in a thing with the ombudsman... But, what... 6 months later? 9 months later... I feel like it's just another delay delay delay delay delay...

I don't see any people here.

Still. Again.

They come in from their private and well fenced and treed houses in teh suburbs in their suv's. They drive into their buildings parking building and they work there... Then they leave... And so you just don't see them. Or perhaps there aren't any here. Some combination of both.

We don't have brain drain in this country. We have a flight of people. People cannot function, here.




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