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Re: security problem

Posted by alexandra_k on February 15, 2019, at 10:09:12

In reply to Re: security problem ert, posted by alexandra_k on February 15, 2019, at 9:46:34

And it's just the awful people round the bottom...
The Dean's don't like me. I don't see much to like in the Dean's. What do they do all day? Pomp and ceremony. Someone said something about how if I think there is corruption (or similar) involved in selecting Med students then why would I want to join them since those same people involved in selection were involved in inspiring or whatever Med students.

Is that really what he thinks?
That those pompous tw*ts who think it is some kind of an honour... A privaledge... A most esteemed of positions...
Those pompous tw*ts who say the most atrocious things in print...
Those pompous tw*ts who think they have some kind of divine access into the mind of God and the ability to select all and only the best...
Those pompous tw*ts ever did anything aspirational for the Med students.

Or maybe it is only the very best of the Med students who decide to give up a career in Medicine in favor of a career in University Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences administration.
I mean, give up a career working with patients.
Give up a career practicing medicine.
Give up all of that in favor of pomping and going to meetings and going to meetings where we sit around patting each other on the back for our ability to sort the wheat from the chaff only the best only the best who are definite yes from interview sort of...
Yes. That's inspiring for a generation of Doctors.
Never mind all those shows about people, you know, people who actually practice Medicine.
What's truly inspiring about Medicine is all those gifted and talented masterminds working in Medical student selection and university administration.
When I grow up I want to be just like them!!
Yeah. Right.

I'm sure their parents are very proud of them.
And their children's chances of being selected in have been increased exponentially.
I mean... That's why you want to do the job -- right?
It's a good job for a private school alumni so you can go back to the school and hob knob with the wealthy parents.
So, uh, aspirational.
Yeah, right.

Or maybe he had something else in mind...

You don't want to join them...
Those are the people who...
Ideally... They just...
Round and round.
Wasting everyones time.


Do the work and get out.

People genuinely can't do the work so they do this kind of crap instead.
I suppose it serves a protective function.
For the people who do get on and do the work.

Everyone has been really good to me, recently.

One of my friends, even, said he didn't have time for me, anymore. Busy with life. Etc.
It was hard to respect him when he seemed to like me weak. So... Maybe our friendship will survive.

Time for housing to be sorted.

People know.
Not the people closer to the bottom with their nasty, bruitish, and short lives.
Not the people in charge of them.
But higher up...
People know.

SSsssssssh, don't tell anyone how old you are.
Not polite in polite company!
Around 1/3 practicing surgeons in the US are over... I think it was 50.
And they are largely guys, because that's the generation...
I'm gonna be still good for heaps of years yet.
People know.

I got my teeth cleaned and checked and x-rayed.
They're okay. Better for a cleaning.
They could use another.
Most of the nicotine stains came off.
Plaque from some places.
MOre time needs to be spent on other places.
But heaps better, yeah.
So happy :)

I got a good view of the country on the plane on the way up.
I was sad Dunedin didn't work out for me.
The Southern District Health Board is notoriously bad, though.
Notoriously the worst, I think.
For corruption, I suppose.
Then they get some person who is paid some exhorbatant salary (it's only temporary) to go in there and sort it out
ANd years and years later they're still in there, being paid what they are paid, and nothing has changed.
They lose accreditation to teach specialists because they refuse to hire the 3 specialists they need to run the unit.
Or they refuse to listen to the specialists when it comes to the things they need to have a safely functioning unit.
They refuse to purchase the equipment and the like.
I mean, once their own salaries have been paid there isn't any money left for actual healthcare for people or equipment or whatever.
And they are only the disposable servant slave people, anyway.
Best just do another observational study...
'Treatment as usual'
Yeah, right.
State of nature...




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