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Lou's reply to Dr. Bob's question Dr. Bob

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 26, 2002, at 20:58:43

In reply to Re: revised introduction, posted by Dr. Bob on October 26, 2002, at 15:45:35

The question asked by Dr. Bob is [what do you think concerning revision of the introduction to the faith board.?]
He then referrs to disussion of *possible exceptions* that may help a litte.
I am all for discussion that could lead to constructive change and clarification of any policys here.
For those that are new, the major discussion has centered around two posts here. One is going to be restrained if it is posted, the other has been posted without restraint. The restraint will be made on the grounds that the post will be deemed to either disrespect others, or put others down, or could also be deemed to pressure others.
The first post involves me, a jewish person, sharing my faith experiance as to what worked for me and I has been invited like the others here because the faith board was spacifically created for that purpose.
The other post, not that there are not other posts that could be also included in this discussion, is from a believer in Jesus and is also sharing her faith beleif here and has posted some very fundamental, strong, and foundational beliefs of those that believe in Jesus. It is apparent, to me at least, that the poster has great love for the others here as exemplfied in her other posts, and I am saying that so that you know that I believe, from the posts that she has posted in the last 10 months, that the poster is sincere and I beleive that she is a "true" believer and not in any way whatsoever posting to be disrespectfull to me, or put me down or pressure me to beleive in her Jesus.
But, also, I want you to know that I have been telling my faith experiance here for the same reason that I think that the poster of the other post is. I want to share with you my experiance because it gave me the power to overcome addiction and depression and thearfor it has the potential to help others. I suffer from the same affliction as the others here and I know about depression, mania, OCD, intrusive thoughts, paranioia, anger , rage, thoughts of suicide, fugue, delusions, hallucinations, agraphobia, acrophobia, hearing things, loss of appitite, sleeping disorders, and a lot of other mishagosh (yiddish).
The first post which is a post that I have said that I want to post in the tellng of my faith experiance here, is that I was told in a verbal exchange with the Rider, who is the word of God in my experiance, that [you shall have no other Gods before Me.] I have already revealed that the Rider is the Word of God and that it was revealed to me that in the beggining was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word Was God. I also said that later the Word became flesh, but I have not got to the revelaing, to me, of what that meant , yet. I think that it is no mystery , here , as others have posted, that the phrase, [you shall have no other Gods before me], is the first commandment to the Israelites made by God to his people after he brought them out of slavery in Egypt. The movie,"The Ten Commandments" is pretty accurate in depicting the story of the Exodus of the jews from Egypt that occured around 3500 years ago. I am not saying that there are not posters here that are not aware of the fact that jews make one of the foundations of their faith to be the first commandment, which is the beleife in one God and that those that beleive in Him Shall Not Have any Other Gods Before Him. But then someone here may not be fimiliar with the Jesus that the other poster is describing either.
It is the part in the first commandment, that jews should have no other Gods before Him, that at least as I can see,as depicted by the discussion here and my request for clarification, and that there is a post actully stateing that it is the "imperitive" that will be used as the criteria for deeming the post to be restrained.
The second post in discussion is [Jesus became our salvation for those that obey Him]
I have objected, not to the post being unrestrained, but that my post will be restrained and this post has not been restrained. I have no qualms at all with anyone here posting anything about their faith. I am not asking for that post to be included in any restraint, but to have my post allowed. For if it is that a jew can not post here that they shall have no other Gods before Him, and then a Christian can post that Jesus became our salvation to those that obey Him, then I feel that there is favortism made so that a jew can not post here, but a Christain can, in regads to their strong faith beleifs and so I feel that because I am a jew, I am not welcome here for I can not post the post in question, but the Christian poster can post the other post in question.
The issues are many-fold. The first issue is whether or not there are two different standards exibited here in relation to allowing one and not the other on the grounds that one or the other is disrespectfull to others, or puts others down, or pressures others.
It is my purpose to show that they either both do or both don't and I want to tell you why I think that they both do not, in any way, fall into any catagory that would cause restraint of either post.
First, they both are telling of their faith experiance. One, mine, is revealed to me by the Rider, who is The Word of God in my experiance, the other is revealed to the poster by the written Word of God, for the post is a quote from the Christian bible about Jesus. I am mostly deaf and have a condition that is disableing and prevents me from reading and writing well. If you examine my previous posts, you will find atrocious spelling and grammer. I apologise for this and I am taking many hours to try to present this post that would take someone else without my affliction perhaps 20 minuets. The point in this is that my experance , as incredible as it appears, is real to me and I believe that a deaf person can hear the Word of God , for I did not read the bible to any extent before my experiance. I beleive that the Word of God can go to anyone, in some way, without regard of their religion, which means , to me, that not just this group or that group can know God. It is my beleif that the Word of God goes out to all people in some way, for I have heard it and I am mostly deaf.
Onr argument that I see that the administration is alluding to to justify their restraint of my post is that they say that [you shall have no other Gods before me] is unecessary. Then is it also not necessary that the other poster leave out [those that obey] in the post and have it read [and Jesus became our salvation to all]
You see, it is absolutly necessary that nothing be censored out of what I was told by the Rider any more than it is not absolutly necessary that the other poster leave out something in that post.
There is a quantum difference between [you are to have one God] and [one God and Shall have no other Gods before Me] And anyway, why would I be encouraged to ,what I consider to be a demand to me to lie about what my God told me in order to post wat I experianced? The other poster is not encouaged to lie about what her bible really says to her so that she can post that post.
Another argument by the administation alludes to that there could be a compromise. Compromises are possible in some situations ad some not. There was no compromise in the Boston Harbor disagreement. There was no compromise with slavery in this country after 1865. There was no compromise with segregation in the country after 1954. Rosa Parks did not compromise. And Jesus , the anointed one did not compromise and niether is my God compromising with me when He says to me that I shall have no other Gods before Him.




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