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Lou's response to Dr. Bob's post

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 20, 2002, at 13:54:49

Dr. Bob,
You posted on the faith board,"Please be civil>>Lou Pider 10/16/02"
In your admonishment to me, you wrote that I should respect the views of others.
Could you tell me who the "others" are?
If you tell me who they are, then I can post accordingly, but as it stands, I do not know who the "others" are.
Also, it appears to me ,unless you give me some additional infomation, that from this point on, I will not be able to quote the Rider, who is The Word of God in my experiance, at all, for if I do, then according to your admonishment, I beleive that I (could) be subject to another admonishment by you to not be respecting the views of "others" because, for instance, if I said that the Rider said that one should not have any other Gods before Him, then would you admonish me as being not respectfull of "others" that are polythiests? Also, if I quoted the Rider , again, when He said that the pharmakeia would be cast into the Lake of Fire, which is the Second Death, would I be admonished for not being respective to those that take mind-altering drugs? It was my understanding that the faith board was created for those , like myself, to tell of their experiances with God and I am, indeed, telling of what I experianced. Are you saying that (now) no one can tell of their experiance with God on the board that has been established for that purpose? I did not say myself the statement that you deem disrespectfull, but quoted the Rider, who is he Word of God in my experiance. Are you saying that there are others that can prove that there is no God and that is who you are referring to as the "others"?
I would like you to clarify this situation so that I could know how, if at all, how I could continue with telling the board my experiance that I call "The 7 Gates on the Road to the Crown of Life for others have told of their experiances without admonishment, such as the poster that said she beleived in the father, the son and the holy ghost . I am not a member of christiandom and I do not beleive, and there are others also that do not beleive, that God is what christiandom calls a trinity, yet that poster was allowed to state his/her views about God. There are posters telling of there experiance with Zen and other religions. I have no problem with that, for the faith board has been established, I thought, so that people could freely tell of their experiances with God and so it was my understanding that I could tell of my experiance also. I am not intending to be disrespectfull to anyone here by telling of my experiance. I am telling of my experiance because you want me to do so. You said that since I was able to overcome addiction and depression that I could tell on this board my experiance so that the potential for others to also overcome could be made available to them by reading my experiance.
If you could clarify how I can quote the Rider, who in my experiance is The Word of God , in the future to me, if at all, then I could contstruct my posts accordingly to be acceptable to your standards.




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