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Lou' response to Nikki's post (2)

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 28, 2002, at 8:07:29

In reply to Re: louelsa Lou Pilder, posted by NikkiT2 on October 28, 2002, at 6:43:45

It is my understanding that the following statement would be restrained here:
[The Rider said to me "I am your God amd you shall have no other Gods before me."]
The statement that has not been restrained, is:
[Jesus became our salvation to those that Obey Him]
I am asking for the desrimatory rational that says that my post will be restrained, and how the rational has not prohibbited the other to have been restrained.
Now if you are saying that my post is OK as you see it now, then Dr. Bob could have posted that and thee would be no discusson needed about this clarification that I am askng for. But that has never been stated, for Dr. Bob did state that It was the "imperitve" to me, and it it self-evident that all faith statements here are by the posters telling of Their faith experiance. If any statement here is implying that others must believe in their God, it is the one that says that [Jesus became OUR salvation to those that Obey Him]. This is why I am asking Dr. Bob to state his rational for descriminating between the two posts.
Someone also posted a post here that implied that the posters here would have to be treated as being of some very low degree of intellegence if I was requiered to say, [The Rider said to me, Lou,. ...]to have to post evry post of mine about the Rider. And anyway, if that is Dr. Bob's rational , then I am asking him to clarify it and this discussion could end. But that is not what has been said by Dr. Bob. He is now saying, by his new page for the faith board, that my post either says that I am putting down others or pressuring others. The other criteria has been deleted from his rules. I am asking fir him to state his rational that allows the one post and will be a restrainer of my post.
If you could explaine why you would not allow me to post:
[The Rider said to me, I am your God and you shall have no other Gods before me] and the say that you would allow, [Jesua became our salvation to those that obey Him] ,then could you tell me why you would do that? My post is not telloing others to beleiev in my God, but the other post says"our" salvation which is ian implication.
If you could clarify this or me, I could have a better undestanding of your posts and we could communicate better in this discussion.




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