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Re: guidelines and exceptions Dr. Bob

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 25, 2002, at 16:49:45

In reply to Re: guidelines and exceptions, posted by Dr. Bob on October 25, 2002, at 11:20:32

Dr. Bob,
The post in question is as follows:
I was told by God that I shall have no other Gods before Him.
Now I have reviewed your outline of [in general, these would be OK and not OK]
After looking at these , I do not find a clear example that appraises the post in question OK or not OK. In fact, the ones that start off with "I feel", I do not know of any way that the implication, to me, by my God could apply in the case of the post that I want to post because it is not a case of "feelings" in my post.
The "I have one God and no others before Him does not apply, to me, in my experiance because I was told that I shall not have any Gods before Him. It is a [commandment]to me. "You shall not murder" is another [commandment] to me. You shall not commit adultery is another commandment made to me by my God. Are you saying that I can not post a commandment that I have from my God to me? I am not saying that those commandments are to be observed by others. They are made to me, just as the Christian poster is commanded to Obey Jesus in order to have salvation, as it appears to me in that post. I did not even say in my post that there were consequenses to not obeying. The Christian verse implies that if you do not Obey Jesus, you will not have salvation , for salvation is for those that Obey Jesus according to that post.
Then you post that the following is not OK:
[My faith says that I should have one God and no others before Him.] But you stated that it is OK to say:
[people of my faith have one God and no others before Him]. Could you point out to me the difference between the two in relation to why one is and the other is not OK. I am asking you because I do not see a great difference, and if ther is one, I would like to know it so I can further reserch your rational in the liturature of psychitry in order that I may be better able to communicate with you.
Now if you could clarify why I could not express the post as a commandment vs being acceptable to you as just a statement , then I could better communicate with you about this. Are you saying that it is the "shall" that I am restrained from posting? If so, then are you also saying that I could not post some or none of the following and if so could you clarify which that I could and which that I could not and state your rational for each so that I can examine the rational and further discuss this with you so that I could make my posts to accomodate your rational?
A).You [shall] love your neighbor as yourself
B).Unless your rightoiusness exceedes the rightiousness of the most rightious Rabbis, you [shall] not enter the Kingdom of God.
C)Blessed are they that mourn, for they [shall] be comforted
D)Blessed are the meek, for they [shall] inherit the earth
E)Blessed are the merciful, for they [shall] obtain mercy
F)Blessed are the pure in heart , for they [shall] see God
G)Blessed are the peacemakers, for they [shall] be called the children of God
H)Whosoever thearfore [shall] break one of the least commandments and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same [shall] be called great in the Kingdom of heaven.( this is a verse in the christian bible: book of Mathew)
Dr. Bob, my faith is about commandments. Are you saying that if I share my faith here that that would be some type of thing that would be "unsupportive" because commandments are involved in my faith? Are you saying that it is wrong for others to have my God as their God because there are commandments involved in my faith. Are you saying that your manual of psychiatry tells people that religions that have commandments are to be restrained? If so, could you site me the book that states this?




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