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Re: guidelines and exceptions Dr. Bob

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 25, 2002, at 14:40:03

In reply to Re: guidelines and exceptions, posted by Dr. Bob on October 25, 2002, at 11:20:32

Dr. Bob,
You wrote that the primary goal of this site is to be supportive.
Are you saying that if I post that my God told me that I shall have no other Gods before me that you would deem that post to be (not) supportive? It is my understanding that the faith board was established by you to share what worked for us reletive to our faith. A reasonable person could conclude that you mean that they could tell of their experiance(es) with their faith that worked for them and that there could be the potential for their experiance that they are sharing to help others, which , to me, means support.
Then the other question I would have, if you are going to say that the post in question of mine here would be not-supportive, is then what is your rational for saying that the poster that said[Jesus became our salvation for those that Obey Him] would be supportive and my post not supportive? Or, better, what is your rational for being supportive? Is it that someone writes that they were able to sleep better for example after reading someone's post, or something like that? Or is it defined by the object associated with the word "support". To use the word "support", in my limited english language knowlege, means to me that something has to be supportED. To carry this to its logical path, are you saying that someone is non-supportive if they do not accept the post that Jesus became our salvation to those that Obey Him? I would like for you to clarify this so that I can have a better understanding of your rational that you use to determine if a post is suppotive or non-supportive so that I can post better to accomodate your rational. If you could clarify why one is supportive and the other will be non-supportive, then I could review your rational and determine if it arbitrary, or caprecious, or descriminatory and if so, we could have further discussion about your rational. As of now, it appears to me that the post that says that Jesus became our salvation to those that obey Him is glaringly opposit to your principle of "support". For it has been your past-practice, as I have seen it, that this post about Jesus is disrespectfull to others because of the implication that the word "obey" is connected to Jesus and Jesus is stated to be "our salvation" and it could be easily construed to have the potential for a reasonable man, to think that they are being put down because they do not obey, or even believe in Jesus. I feel that there is much more potential for someone to feel disrepected after reading that post than if they read the post that I want to post.
Now I do not feel disrespected by the poster posting that her Jesus became her salvation for those that Obey Him. I kind of like that. For she is saying that her faith is good for her and thearfore has the potential for others to go out and find out about her Jesus and be saved by Obeying Him as she wrote. That would be wonderfulll and I would hope that others find the kind of help that she has had in her faith. I wish that evrybodty could have a wonderfull faith like she is desribing. I find no fault with Jesus. I am not telling others to be jewish, I am only telling my experiance here because since it worked for me, it has the potential to work for others. But others might not like to hear that. They could be easily offended. But isn't that the primary goal of the faith board, to tell of their faith so that others will have the potential to have what worked for them be shared, without the condemnation that if another believes something else that the teller of the faith experiance will be deemed by you to be disrespectfull?
Lou Pilder




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