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Opiates, oxycodone

Posted by cactus on June 22, 2008, at 4:07:10

OK, so stock standard panadeine forte (30mg codeine, 500mg paracetamol) makes me puke. So does tramal, etc...

I'm bad with most pain killers in general, but for the last 2 weeks I have been in dental agony, long story. My GP knows my reaction to pain killers and gave me 2 different types to try Digesic (Darvon) and oxycodone.

I tried the digesic 1st and wow, no puking but not strong enough for the pain. So my lovely sis did the late night dash to the chemist for me to collect my oxycodone script after I learnt the meaning "It hurt so much I was ripping my hair out," which I was actually doing but didn't notice because I was in so much pain. She just said give me the script and was off out the door.

Now the first oxy took the pain away, but it did make me sick, but for the last 2 weeks it's been fantastic and not just for pain.

The sad realisation of this though is that it's so addictive, I'm a recovering alcoholic and I can see the attraction of this drug, and no I don't have any left or plan on trying to get anymore.

The AD properties of oxy for me were amazing, I just wish they could find a way to manufacture it without the addictive nature of it. I feel if that could be done, it would blow the AD market out of the freaking water.

Is it possible to isolate that magical mechanism without addiction??? Can it be done? I know opiates are tricky and that's why they are so addictive because of the endorphin reward.

I was social, had no anxiety/panic and felt fantastic, NOT EUPHORIC! I was able to go about my daily business without dwelling on anything and had all negative thoughts erased from my psyche and it stopped what I refer to as spin cycle on a washing machine in my brain. It also didn't numb my emotions or thought processes after a 2 day adjustment period

I'm also on 200mg of modafinil and 3mg of clonazepam daily. Maybe that was my magic bullet combo, but I'm not going to mess with fire. I have clonazepam to deal with and I've managed to ween down to 3.5-3mg daily now without too much drama at all.

I'd love to hear what others with more knowledge have to say about this and try to make sure you NEVER have to have part of your jaw bone removed. Peace, C




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