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Re: jumping in - Shelli, Lorriane,

Posted by Lorraine on August 5, 2001, at 10:51:57

In reply to Re: jumping in - Shelli, Lorriane,, posted by Elizabeth on August 4, 2001, at 15:33:57

> > > The main risk is cardiotoxicity, actually. The heart has to be working like clockwork, and if it gets out of sync even a little bit, you can get major problems. An ECG would find any such problems, though.

L: I would think this would be the next step--an ECG:-). Is it deja vu or temporal lobe epilepsy< g >?

> > > I agree with you about ECT: I think that any medication is preferable to it.

L: ECT is on my list--it's just down quite a ways. I have a hard time separating truth from fluff with it. You know, the posters who go on and on about the evils of Effexor, for instance. Well, I was on Effexor and I know about its "evils" (and it's therapeutic benefits) and so I can put what they are saying into perspective and know what's true and not true about what they are saying. With ECT you have the medical profession saying one thing and some patients saying another. I suspect this is a group of "outliers" (not people who lie, but people who fall outside the normal statistical range of response), but I don't know. One person wrote about how her memory loss resulted in her forgetting the years following her children's birth until the procedure. That scared me senseless.

> > BTW, in regard to back pain and meds, selegiline gave me back pain, really shoulder pain almost from the start, although I didn't think to associate it with it until I started to get bad pains in my legs. When I went off of it, both the shoulder pain and leg pain went away.

L: That's my experience with it--especially as I tried to increase my dose of selegiline above 2.5 mg 2x day.

> > >I wonder about this sort of thing; do you think it might be related to the amphetamine metabolites of selegiline?

L: Perhaps but Adderal doesn't do this to me.

> Buprenorphine does away with my back pain completely, and unlike other things I've tried (Valium, Soma, Ultram), it works reliably. It's also much less expensive than having a facet block every week would be. :-)

L: elizabeth, what is your "mechanical" situation with your back. My chiro did an Xray and all of that and said T5? (lower lumber) was injured.

things out.

> > > Desipramine isn't a perfect success, but it does seem to be a suitable substitute for Parnate (with less hassle involved).

L: elizabeth, what do you mean "less hassle"--the dietary restrictions? I ate cheese last night and the night before (feta and mozallera) and was fine. I also drank an import beer (Heineken) throwing caution to the wind. I was fine, although I realize that I am not up to a therapeutic dose and this "fine" may change as I up my dose. I also slept well yesterday--although I am really being particular about sleep hygiene. (Same time to bed each night, when I wake up in the middle of the night not brushing my teeth (as i like to do), practicing techniques to throw my brain waves out of "beta", lying there).

> > > Yes. I'm particularly interested in seeing whether psychostimulants would help me, since Cylert worked in the past and since I have ongoing attention problems.

L: elizabeth, have you tried Provigal? Just curious.

> > > No, I've never tried getting medication from outside the U.S.

L: I don't know about your "class" of drugs and customs, but importing Moclobemide with an RX was really not a hassel and the way that you are having to take your opiates sounds like a big deal to me.





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