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Re: Handholding Shelli shelliR

Posted by Lorraine on July 31, 2001, at 12:59:58

In reply to Re: Handholding Shelli Lorraine, posted by shelliR on July 27, 2001, at 23:39:14

> > > I think for lots of people giving is definitely a part of getting.

This is definately true for me. Although I also have to watch myself and make sure that I am not over-giving where the gift is not appreciated or to the point where I become resentful.

> > > Gratitude is a really good thing in general. I think it is a very spiritual thing, to be grateful. I see it as a humble experience because the things that I feel graditude about are gifts; I have not directly caused them, nor can I take credit for them.

I like this sentiment. It is true that as I have lived with this disease I have become more grateful so the unexpected gifts and I suppose that my level of expectation has generally decreased so that more things appear to be gifts.

> > >Like I think if you are very good at something, it is okay to acknowlege it, because a talent is a gift, not a product of the ego, although using the gift may be.

I do this too. Drives my kids nuts. They think I should respond to compliments by saying "it's kind of you to say so".

> > >sorry, didn't mean to get philosophical on you :-) )

It's your best feature.

> > >What is a QEEG?

Quantitative Electro-encephalogram. They hook you up to a bunch of electrodes on your scalp and measure your brain waves, then they convert this data into numbers (quantitative).

> > > A lot of people who were abused in early childhood have temporal lobe epilepsy.

I wasn't physically abused, if that's what you mean. I was emotionally abused--neglected more actually. I was severely traumatized as a child. But if it's physical injury, my hunch would be I sustained it in one of my car accidents--although those were fairly minor. The people at EEG Spectrum (the brainwave feedback place) asked me a lot of question about brain injury and thought perhaps the car accidents were the culprit.

> > >I know someone who had one doctor give her the diagnosis and the second take it away, so I imagine there is some interpretation involved.

I'm sure there is--as my pdoc says it's a matter of where you fall on the continuum. I'm not taking the diagnosis very seriously because of this.

> > > Was it strange to meet another babbler in the real world? I don't know what that would feel like. Dr. Bob was in my area for a conference and meeting with people from the board (I think two people came). I was ambivelent and it turned out I was in the hospital anyway.

I felt ambivalent as well. I thought it would be like the scene in Wizard of Oz where the curtain flies up and you see that the wizard is really just an old man. But I was pleasantly surprised. He seemed to be a bright, caring and connected person. As I have said to him, psychobabble is a self selected group that has a number of great characteristics: generally bright people who believe in taking charge of their treatment options and doing research on their situation. Those characteristics alone are not that common in the general population.

> > > p.s., congradulations on picking parnate--I hope it goes well.

me too :-)




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