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Re: I Love You

Posted by susan47 on July 31, 2009, at 16:01:51

In reply to I Love You, posted by susan47 on January 1, 2008, at 12:55:37

The fact is, there is no god. God is .. an idea imagined by man to make life different, to give it meaning, a whole mythology arranged around who this entity is supposed to be, what this entity is supposed to represent ... rule to live by ... in many different religions ... standards to guide one ... ridiculous... when man is destroying everything good about his world every moment of every day ... we come closer to our self-annihilation, we are so Stupid, so Dense, so Involved in what is good for Me, I, I, I am the only one who counts, I am the one I live for ... so many lives given up, people like me and you who have been Murdered so that I can drive my vehicle to wherever I wish whenever I wish ... my Rights as a Human Being usurp your rights, because I was luckier, I was born here and you were born there, so it's Tough Luck Charlie, tough luck to you and your children who scrabble on the pile of garbage to survive, you who has so many chemicals in your
body that you can no longer conceive boy children, this is happening in my own country, once known as a natural paradise, now poisoned by people like me, and me myself, in my blind ignorance, living each day as though there is no other before it nor behind it .... Man does not deserve what he has been given by nature.
We are such fools.
I have time only for those who are awake, for those who appreciate and know what they have been Given.




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