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Re: Dear Ex-Therapist: Dear Sir

Posted by susan47 on July 31, 2009, at 21:08:34

In reply to Re: Dear Ex-Therapist: Dear Sir, posted by susan47 on July 31, 2009, at 20:56:44

And still, and yet I remember feeling Love, and excitement, and liking myself, and seeing myself differently, the possibilities I had not even begun to scratch the surface of ... and I will always strive to feel that again, and if I yet continue indecently to call and hang up, if I should spew a feeling or two, and if this helps me, and I know, I am absolutely sure you record me or erase me; either is possible, to record me to report me to punish me to cut me down to hurt me as you have done as you continue to do, ex-Therapist, how shameful, what a history, what will you have on your death-bed, will you have the co-guilt with me or will I be alone in caring, will you never think of me at all except to show me your disdain, you unfortunate creature ... life is beautiful because we die. We die. We all must die. One moment I am here, the next asleep, never to waken. Never. Gone. Nothing. As though I never was, as though you never were.
Life is bittersweet because too soon, we find ourselves at the end. And what have we learned, does it matter, no of course not how could it, how could I matter, how could you matter, how could anyone, when one day there will be fossil records of us, and that is what we amount to ... important not to become a living fossil. Do not allow that to happen, you sweet, sweet man, if only you never had known me.




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