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Who is on disability due to bipolar and ADHD?

Posted by kotsunega on January 9, 2008, at 21:15:26 [reposted on January 16, 2008, at 1:46:45 | original URL]

Hi friends,

I started temporary disability this week after my manager tore me a new airway in the presence of my coworker. I could sue him for that, but don't think I will. Revenge is best served cold.

Anyway, I have bipolar 1 and ADHD. I think the zyprexa I take makes the ADHD worse, but zyprexa is the only thing that soothes the beast in me, so I'm stuck with it. Yes, I have tried all the other atypicals - no luck. For the ADHD, I take adderall, but it poops out long before I can get a new prescription for it. So in any month, I have a week of feeling semi-normal, and three weeks of being a real thick-headed dimwit.

Now you can see why my manager tore into me a little better - I was in tears when he finished, and called my pdoc for an emergency appointment. To make a long story short, she said she would back me if I wanted to go for permanent disability, but something in me made me hold back, so I only requested 2 months of disability in order to grow back some tail feathers, and after about a month and a half, I may pursue permanent disability - depending on how I feel then (I'm still licking my wounds from the chewing out I got Monday).

Anyone have my dx and been through this? How did it work for you? Are you on temporary or permanent disability? My employer has a temporary and a permanent disability insurance plan, and I just today went through the 'intake interview' so my case is pending. I hate the wait, and would love to know statistically what number of people are actually granted their disability request. If you have any experience with this kind of thing, I would love to hear from you. I do know that SS disability is hard to get, but I wonder if it is any easier through my employer's insurer for disability requests?





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