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Re: the teeth

Posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2022, at 13:04:53

In reply to Re: most hated woman in nz, posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2022, at 3:04:04

they remove the teeth during life. one at a time. that's the government funded dental. you get funding to have teeth removed. not really to have teeth fixed up. not to have root canals etc. but to have a problematic tooth pulled.

they bring out pretty shiny even white dentures. tell people they will have a better looking smile with dentures.

so they remove the teeth during life. that's where the teeth go.

apparently the teeth get rotted out of people's heads because of all the soda the people drink. sugar.

i don't know if that is so... i don't know...

i'm not sure about fluoride.

vitamins are tricky. metals. elements. whatever... sometimes... sometimes the symptoms of toxicity and the symptoms of deficiency (with vitamins) seem to me to be... similar. so... you could think that someone has a deficiency... so you give them extra. then they display symptoms of toxicity... which you mistake for a deficiency... so you keep poisoning them... where the treatment is worse than the cure...

i am not sure... but i wonder if the kids in new zealand are suffering from fluoride poisoning or toxicity rather than from sugary drinks. i don't know... i don't know...

apparently if you look at the places where the kids teeth are rotting they are places that do not fluoridate the water. so. maybe that is right. i don't know.

but i was fairly sure there was something about giving fluoridated water to military troops, at some point, and finding them to be a... compliant. population. which was not what they were going for with those troops at that time. but new zealand has the most compliant population in the world, it seems. with how there wasn't a lot of... heart... violence. urgency. behind the lock-down protests. what of that there was seemed seeded from overseas and not originating locally. so.. that's the state of the locals. how the locals are kept.

there was something about them shutting down the flouridation in wellington. because they were finding that they were spiking. they were over-dosing and under-dosing and the average was okay... but they were over-dosing. not sure if it was intentional. not sure what was in the water they were supplying to the protestors...

it feels rather a lot like people in these parts have just sort of openly declared war. internally. i mean. not really even trying to pretend to be fair etc anymore.




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