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most hated woman in nz

Posted by alexandra_k on May 28, 2022, at 23:27:18

In reply to Re: would it be better for maaori... sigismund, posted by alexandra_k on May 28, 2022, at 23:13:55

There was this TV show...

This white woman with a film crew travelling around. She went to some place in Paupa New Gunie, I think...

Apparently there was this meeting house the guys used. The women weren't allowed in. Cultural reasons. For many generations.

She offered them American Dollars to let her go inside and take the film crew with her in there and film it and show it to men and women outside the tribe.

The men agreed. So she did that. There wasn't anything special inside.

The women were livid. You should have seen their faces. It was like... The entire ideology... The culture. The cultural beliefs. Like... They just realised the whole thing was a sham. A scam. A hoax. The cultural reasons for keeping them out. The men just sh*t all over the whole cultural thing. They sold out their own culture. For a few measley American Dollars.

And the white American lady just walks away...

And that's not a very nice thing. ANd that's part of the stereotype of Americans that has people not think well of America or of Americans. There is something.. Smug superiority. About it. Gloating. Or something.

I guess you sell guns to the women, then. To profit a little more from teh sitution. I don't know.

I don't know.

I feel like giving Jacinda a PhD in Law from Harvard, given the current climate in Tertiary Education in New Zealand was a bit like that.

Tone deaf. As teh kids say.

She could have agreed to give teh speech but declined the honorary degree. What would she have worn to graduation then? Her undergraduate gown that she was capped in from the University of Waikato. That's her Degree -- right? I thought she earned a BA or a B Soc Sci in Communications from the University of Waikato.

I thoguht she was in the USA as an ambassador for New Zealand. Why didn't she insist on wearing her academic gown from the University of Waikato?

I don't understand.

Was there a cohort in a Law PhD class for '22? I know a JD and law school is a different thing from a PhD in Law. As a 2 year master of public health is a different thing from an MD in Medicine from the USA. But I don't actually know if they have a law PhD programme. I guess they do. I don't know who fills the programme... Why people choose to do a PhD in law rather than a JD.

I don't know if the class may think to sue the University for devaluing their Law qualification since she didn't do any of the work for the PhD.

Apparently you don't work for pay. You work for the *chance* of pay. You don't study for credit. You study for the *chance* of credit. No, you don't. You don't do anything at all. And a PhD just rains down on your lap.




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