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Re: would it be better for maaori... sigismund

Posted by alexandra_k on May 28, 2022, at 23:13:55

In reply to Re: would it be better for maaori..., posted by sigismund on May 1, 2022, at 21:15:48

> The 1966 referendum changed the constitution to include the indigenous as citizens.

That sounds familiar to me. I think I heard something like that. That they were regarded as flora or fauna or whatever, but there had been an amendment to the Australian Constitution to acknowledge Aboriginal people as Citizens. Right.

> They had been in the army in the various wars before that.


> So that means they'd been considered as non-citizen residents?

> As opposed to fauna?

Yeah. I think New Zealand sent horses in the Boor war, or something like that.

> Some searches around the grounds of boarding schools in remote areas might be productive given the Canadian experience.

Maybe. I think we learned not to keep / bury bones. I think cremation is the preferred way of disposing of human remains. Or to absorb things into the food chain.

Kuru is a... Condition... That was first noted by people in Australia. A kind of neuro-degenerative disease or disorder or condition. They found it amongst the Fore tribe, I think, of Paupa New Guniea. They practiced cannibalism. Apparently it would result in some symptoms of mental illness. There would be plaques and tangles or something like that in the brains on autopsy. Misfolded proteins.

Mad Cow disease was from feeding cows to cow. Particularly neural tissue. Brains. It is another prion disease. Misfolded proteins.

Alzheimers is a disease or disorder of misfolded proteins, they reckon, too. It wouldn't surprise me, at all, if it has something to do with human remains in the food chain.


We (people) are used to thinking that people are fundamentally good. We trust. But I don't see any reason to believe that that trust is well-placed, actually.

I don't see that Universities etc have acted with any integrity at all when it comes to me. How they have handled or processed my work. When I needed a little help.. Whether they tried to help me or whether they tried to undermine and stabotage.

So I wonder what they are up to, really.

I think they are trying to breed disease etc. Poison etc. It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that they are trying ot contaminate the human food chain with human remains in order to breed as much disease as they can.


It is pretty clear in Australias constitution that NZ is a state of Australia. But Australia doesnt' honor any of it. I can't get an Aussie passport. I can't get papers to vote in Aussie Federal election. etc. Australia refuses to acknowledge people born in NZ with an Australian birth certificate etc.

And who or what is going to do anything about it?


I think Jacinda Ardern might be about the most hated women in New Zealand, at the moment.

I think of all the international and all the domestic New Zealanders who have worked really really hard on their NZ University qualifictions...

THe people who have been forced to work more than 2 years on 1 year Masters Degrees...

The peopel who have been forced to work more than 4 years on 3 year PhD Degrees...

All the people who were failed by the NZ Universities. Who were enrolled in programmes they did not choose for themslves (were forced to enrol in programmes of the Universities choosing).

ALl the people who worked so hard for their degree completions... Only to be stabotaged and undermined and failed by the people who were on payroll to help them and teach them.

All the work... All the work that NZ refuses to honor with qualifications.

And Jacinda Ardern stands up there on teh stage at Harvard being capped with a PhD in Law with the class of '22.

She didn't attend any classes. She didn't buy any of the books. She didn't make her way through any reading lists.

She didn't do any of the readings. She didn't do any of the assignments. She didn't listen to any of hte lectures. She didn't contribute to any of the discussions.

She didn't acquire a breadth of knowledge of US law. She didn't sit exams to establish that. She didn'dt learn anything in partiuclar about any specialist branch of law. She didn't write a thesis. She didn't spend 3 years writing a PhD thesis. She didn't orally defend that thesis against critisim or question.

She didn't do any of that.

What did she do to get to stand on the stage of Harvard and graduate with a PhD in law class of '22?

Apparently... It was for her work to legislate against assault rifles in NZ after the terrorist attack and also her work to decriminalize abortion in NZ in 2020.

I did not know that these were her babies. I did not know that it was Jacinda (rather than other people) who got those changes (unasked by the NZ public) through to law...

But that was what she did, apparently. To excuse her from class etc. That was her body of work. That justifies her graduating with a law PhD class of '22.

I don't knwo what they were thinking.

MIT grads design and manufacture guns... Harvard grads design and manufacture reasons for people to buy guns?


There was something just recently in NZ about a student who threatened to blow up the University of Otago around graduation because... The University failed them 2 yaers in a row and they didn't know how to tell their parents they weren't graduating. So they tried to get the graduation ceremony cancelled or delayed to mask that.

The Universitiy failed them 2 years in a row.. The legislation says they need to be sure the student can pass if they are under 20 years old. I bet the student was under 20 years old. The University enrolled them. Took their money. And failed them 2 years in a row.

THe lesson is... The Universities do whatever they want?

They choose who to pass and dwho to fail for arbitrary reasons.

The 'yay' or 'boo' theory of academic merits.

That's what having a PhD means to the leaders of New Zealand.

She didn't have to accept an honorary degree. She could have laughed it off ans said she was flattered but she had simply done her job as Prime Minister (if that was what she had in fact done). But no... She needed to get academic credit for having done none of the academic work, at all.

ALLLLLLLLLLL of the things for Jacinda.

Winning at life.




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