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Re: most hated woman in nz

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2022, at 1:38:35

In reply to most hated woman in nz, posted by alexandra_k on May 28, 2022, at 23:27:18

I don't know what they would do with the teeth. I don't know what they do with teeth, generally. What do they do with animal teeth?

I mean, there are meat processing plants, already. For cows and pigs and so on. Apparently people are really rather a lot like pigs, in many ways. I'm sure the basic processing is really rather the same.

I would imagine the 'primate research labs' of Harry Harlow etc... Macaque monkeys. Sure. But I'm sure those weren't the only primates. The rape rack and the pit of despair etc. I'm sure there are people, in various countries, being kept in such conditions, or worse, in the name of medicine and medical science and medical science research.

I didn't realise that Dr Money was a NZ Psychiatrist -- before Dr Leeks. He was into removing the genitals of little boys (they called it a botched circumscision) and then raising the little boys as girls. They went to efforts to sexualise them as little girls with what they said was normal sexual behavior for little girls. That's what they call that. Medical science research to prove their theory that you could raise a boy sexualised as a girl and the person would grow up to be a.. Well adjusted female?

They didn't order the Nazi doctors and the like to sing triumphant songs when they marched people off to the death camps. Some things you can't train. It was just an expression of joy. Over and above and beyond. Work with a willing heart. All the qualities we value in a medical workforce.

So turns out psychiatrists, in New Zealand, are mostly required to write reports and fill in forms. Here are the kinds of forms:

- Abortion was a criminal offense until 2020 UNLESS a psychiatrist (I believe or maybe an obgyn) signed a form to say that the mother would be at psychiatric risk if they didn't have an abortion.

I'm pretty sure I went to some talk in Dunedin... They were a bit sheepish about it. About there being something like 2 medical doctors in teh whole nation who were responsible for signing off on the medical exemption forms so that whoever had one of those exemptions had an abortion . I suppose I didn't think that people (women) may be REQUIRED to have an abortion. I suppose I didn't realise the state of the uplifts in New Zealand. I didn't realise that the State was literally keeping some women as brood mares or whatever handing infant after infant after infant over to the state for rent or sale or whatever. If you won't pay a workforce then your 'workforce' needs to find ways of being entrepnureal. They could sell test scores? Exam scores? They could sell foetal organs? Live children? Think of all the things they could sell.. So they don't have to cry cry cry to the government for money...

So there's a few teenage boys who take themselves to be womens lib freedom fighters. It's all very very exciting for them. To be involved in this hush hush abortion thing. Wouldnt' want the public to catch wind of it. The antiabortionist lobby group. Of which there isn't anything or anyone in NZ insofar as I can see or tell...

It likely hasn't escaped the attention or notice of the people of the world that New Zealanders don't really seem to get upset or complain about... Anything.

Most compliant population in the world.

It's like the baby elephant who was chained as a little elephant. Then it grows and doesn't think to try and move. The people of NZ are like that. Like one of Harry Harlow's monkeys all grown up. Tehy do a number on the children, in New Zealand. Teh bullying and abuse in the schools.

They reckon in the USA that the biggest threat comes from the people who have been excluded from teh schools.

I think the biggest threat in NZ is likely the teachers. I mean... I don't think you can give the kids teachers so they can shoot the pedophile teachers. Can you? That would have to be the way that would go...

That's why the government often won't pay the teachers. To bully the teachers into leaving... the ones remaining are entreprenureal... Selling the answers and the like...

We chose to build a prison to keep the Christchurch terrorist in. After the mosque attack. We could have used it to build a secure forensic psychiatry block. I don't suppose it makes a difference. There isn't any rehabilitation for anyone no matter what. No help. Life is a competition and there isn't any help. We will not pay anybody to help or work in teh helping professions.

I don't know.

Who knows...

A bunch of people aren't in NZ right now. I hope they are standing trial for their crimes in NZ. I hope... THey don't come back. I don't know what to say. I don't know.

How hard can it possibly be to give me my f*ck*ng degree for my 1 year of study that i did for my 1 year qualifiation in 2018?

It's like the whole f*ck*ng world melted down.

F*ck*ng garbage land.

What am I supposed to do? Curl up into a little corner and die because I'm not a f*ck*ng psychopath like what it is that is most valued.

F*ck*ng farce.

I wish i had never been born at all.




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