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Re: Dilemma..could use some opinions please....

Posted by jay2112 on March 11, 2020, at 1:34:52

In reply to Re: Dilemma..could use some opinions please...., posted by alexandra_k on December 2, 2019, at 19:42:16

> Routine is important to me. I think routine is important to everyone. Something that axes as a fulcrum or pivot.
> I don't know if there is some kind of exercise group you could get into. So you feel less puffy and bloated and more in control of yourself.
> Food can be hard, too, without money. Then food becomes a source of comfort and they are foods that send you on an emotional rollercoaster and have you feeling horrible and bloated and sleepy as well.
> I remember how good I feel when my food is in order and my exercise is in order and I have resources to get the resources I need and things feel good and perhaps even a little optimistic or on the up...
> But I also know for sure how it feels to be stuck in a swamp. Or how it feels to be sucked down into the bog. Downwards spirals and no idea how to get out or up or off... Trapped. Helpless. Hopeless.
> All of those things tangled together... It can be hard to know which needs to change for other things to start to change.
> I don't mean to be 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps' at all. I know it isn't as simple as that. But I do think there is something to the idea that you do what you can on the things that you can.
> Something about having the strength...
> Hmm...
> God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
> The courage to change the things I can.
> And the wisdom... TO know the difference.
> (((Jay)))

Thank you for the kind words of wisdom.

I was brought up to believe..
Belief that's failed me now
As Life goes from bad to worse
No philosophy consoles me
In a clockwork universe..........
~Neil Peart (1952-2020)




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