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Re: Dilemma..could use some opinions please....

Posted by alexandra_k on November 30, 2019, at 23:41:37

In reply to Re: Dilemma..could use some opinions please...., posted by alexandra_k on November 30, 2019, at 23:31:22

Sorry to go on about me.

Maybe it was helpful. I don't know what your housing complexes are like. They can be a bad scene if people aren't getting the help they need to take their meds. If people are walking around with baseball bats because they think people are trying to hurt them. If people are walking around with knives because of methamphetamine hallucinations...

Or if they are well maintained and people get the help and support they need.

I think the stigma depends on the above kinds of things. Whether it is a notoriously bad neighbourhood with high crime or whether it is peaceful and quiet and people just potter about and do their thing.

Keeping house is a lot of work. My house gets pretty darned messy quite a lot of the time. Because... Life. Becuase it takes time to vaccum and time to tidy and so on. Because I'm busy doing other things. That's okay. It's just about taking the time sometimes to clean the things.

I like to clean the shower when I'm in the shower. Seems easiest that way.

Maybe it is partly about attitude?

I don't like other people much because they typically have this thing about cleaners being the bottom of the hierarchy and they have this thing about people being treated like crap when it comes to cleaning duty. I don't know... It doesn't feel good cleaning house when that is how the people in the house view the task.

I like cleaning for me because... It's like having a shower. I feel clean. And fresh. And good. For me. Doing it isn't a chore.. It is doing something nice for me. Cleanign my environment is the same thing again. Something nice for me. Because it is nice to have a shower in a clean shower. Because it is nice to cook in a clean kitchen. Nice to relax in a clean lounge. Nice to curl up between clean and relatively uncrumpled sheets.

I don't know.




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