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Re: Dilemma..could use some opinions please....

Posted by alexandra_k on November 30, 2019, at 23:31:22

In reply to Re: Dilemma..could use some opinions please.... alexandra_k, posted by jay2112 on November 30, 2019, at 13:12:36

It depends on the complex.

I had a good experience in 'supported living' when I needed my own independent accommodation and the only way that was financially feasible was for that money to go to them and they pay a keyworker and all of that in addition to my actually having my own flat.

I don't know how that worked out cheaper for the government. In fact, I know it did not. But there is a good use for me: Making jobs for other people to look after me.

To start with it was pretty terrific. I got back into reading and writing (after medications mess that up for me) and then started back at University.

At that point they decided it would be a terrific idea for me to move in and share a flat with another client, however. She was very long term schizophrenia with flattened affect and no motivation. She started saying she wanted to go to Uni because that was what I was up to. She liked hanging out with me.

It was too much like hard work for me to live with her. I didn't feel comfortable bringing people back. I started to feel irritable with her that she was dragging me down. Unfair situation. Not her fault. She needed more of a Mother. I needed to live independently. Not a good match at all. I ended up hanging out more with other people from the complex to distribute the people time a bit. Then ended up smoking pot to dull the brain to... Fit in better. I suppose.

By the time they realised it wasn't good for me and I needed to live independetly (like I told them all along) they moved me to another complex... But it was too hard to disintangle from the drug people. Ended up going to rehab for a time to disengage from them and move to different accommodation on the way out / back to stay disengaged.

So again... People get paid to look after me. Because I must never have the funds to live independently.


Sorry.. That is all about me. And about how people profiteer from me - which is why I came to be and why I suppose I am forced to be still here.

You could maybe see about some home help. Lots of people have housekeepers to help them keep their house. Keeping house is a lot of work, to be fair. I prefer to look after myself. But I need to live by myself. So I can make good use of my time. Think about study stuff while I am hanging out the washing or whatever. So it doesn't become all-consuming keeping house.

I can't live with others becuase then they become invested in having me look after them.

If I cook something... They will want some. Or they will want to be cooking something when I want to be cooking something so I will have to wait for them. It would be rude not to offer them some. It would be rude not to take some. Then we end up lowest common denominator on the food options / choices. We must all eat rubbish. The rubbish they want. When they want. Or I can spend my time trying to train them...

It just isn't worth it.

I can't live with other people.

Good luck in the hunt for part time jobs.

I'm sorry I am not in a better mood.

There are Black Friday Sales all over here. But no thanksgiving. We don't do thanksgiving. There isn't anything to be thankful for. Seems to me.

Things look very black indeed.




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