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Re: Professional rehab doesnt work out.

Posted by alexandra_k on October 29, 2018, at 4:29:17

In reply to Re: Professional rehab doesnt work out., posted by Lamdage22 on October 27, 2018, at 3:39:33

too much calcium makes you sleep lots? i hadn't heard that one.

i have been sleeping a lot, too. mostly, in my case, it's because i don't have anything to be getting up for.

i know i can do it when i have to... be at the horse racing stables for 6am track time. be at the chemistry lecture for 8am start. first week or two sucks, but then the sleep starts to pattern (at least it will if you don't have party party party in the slums! neighbours)...

at least that's my experience of it.

when i'm left to my own devices i'll end up staying up later and later and getting up later and later and sleeping for 12 or 13 hours, sure.

i think there was something about how people who tend to depression tend to sleep more than 8 hours and people who tend to mania tend to sleep less than 8 hours. there was this thing about how when people are manic typically they haven't slept in a while, and when people are depressed typically they have been sleeping a great deal.

which is now partly starting to sound environmental.

i know it's a different world when i'm working to capacity with only 7 or 7 1/2 hours sleep per night... you get into a... bit of a manic groove... time starts to go a bit funny... it is easier to focus and work quickly... i'm sure there's a reason to sleep deprivation training (i'm sure there could be theraputic reason for this to be part of a training process)

though i'm sure people also abuse that... or are just ignorant about it...

unfortunately... when you don't have anything to be getting up for it's hard to get up. at least that's my experience. i don't know what to say...

i think there is some stuff on people trying to get into a routine / habit of getting to the gym for 6am training when they start work at 9am. if you can get yourself through that first couple weeks...

like kicking sugar or whatever, i'm sure. get through the body-shock you get to start with.

i'm feeling like a horrid blobby monster right now. and i'm feeling like the whole interview thing is probably just about trying to give a quick and dirty boost to local economy (people needing to book last minute flights to get into the area and then stay in hotel accommodation)...

on the other hand... i have applied only once before and since one or both of my parents weren't doctors, i wasn't dux or first in science at any of my secondary schools...

now is not the time to lose faith.

i found this really nice explanation (from the uni) about sort of model answers to the sorts of questions they ask in the structured interviews.

it helped me a lot.

i am very much used to (have been very much trained to)... something like toastmasters (give a monologue for 2 minutes) and i thought that was what they wanted to see. confident talking. i thought they actually cared about what i had to say (i thought they were actually assessing the quality / depth of my answers to the questions they were asking)... i thought they wanted me to demonstrate such virtues as clearness and steadfastness (defending what i said if the interviewer questioned it) and so on...

they explained it really well... more like a game of chirades where the interviewer has some arbitrary criteria to grade me on that is fairly well defined. to think of the question as simply a prompt. to aim for more like key words and if the interviewer doesn't seem pleased then stop. let them offer a new prompt (they are allowed to do that). try and take their lead to get whatever it is that they want from you.

that's okay... it's just a different game. i didn't know that that was what they wanted to see.

that a station is there to *try* and get you flustered / wound up.

they want to see you be diplomatic and diffusing and so on.

anyway... i saw it is a worthwhile thing that they are looking for. it is just that i didn't know what they wanted from me and philosophy (and things like it) train something different, yeah.

Lamdage... I don't know what to say about the long sleeps... You might feel better sleeping less... But when there isn't anything particular to be doing...

I had a friend who was very well trained to a timer. She would set a timer for everything. Set a timer for a 20 minute work block. Set a timer for a 5 minute break. She was pretty great at getting into things and out of things. For me changing things is hard. Waking up sucks. Once I'm awake I realise I could have slept less. When I'm waking up I'm just so freaking tired I need to sleep more... Getting started into writing takes around 20 minutes but once I've got myself properly started I can run for hours and hours and hours and hours...

Can you remember a time when you were happier with your sleep patterning?




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