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Re: Professional rehab doesnt work out. Lamdage22

Posted by alexandra_k on October 16, 2018, at 4:08:06

In reply to Re: Professional rehab doesnt work out., posted by Lamdage22 on October 15, 2018, at 9:34:37

> No i am on the cross trainer right now.

Boo yah!!

> I burned 420 calories and i increase the calories by 10% every time.

Wow. I don't even look at that stuffs. I try and track the distance and also track the time. I would like to run a 5km in under 30 minutes is some sort of benchmark I have set myself. Only... I think it doesn't translate to running times, really, because on the eliptical there isn't a moving fanbelt or... Whatever... There isn't a reliable calibration mechanism. All you can do is pick the same device time after time only it will get sloppier...

> People are applying pressure to me and i dont like it. I know someone whose family has driven him into suicide by pressuring him.

Aw. Yeah, pressure is hard.

My Mother is not supportive of me, either. Before it was around the time of my birthday. So she started up about how it was around the time of my sisters birthday, also, and about how my sister was going on about being too old...

Because my Mother wanted me to say 'yeah Mom I feel too old to be alive, too!!!' Because... That's how she gets off, yeah.

But I didn't. She started up about 'it's your birthday soon - how old you gonna be?' and I was like 'you want me to do the math so you can then beat me over the head with it?'


So she backed off. But today (after her birthday) she felt it was appropriate to tell me that I'm far too old to do Medicine and to have aspirations generally and so on...

And I was like 'wow Mom you're so supportive!!!' And of course it's the same level of support I've come to expect from her. I'm always... Too... Something. Too old, too young, too smart, not smart enough... Whatever whatever excuses excuses why don't I just sell myself for prostitution? Or why don't I just sit like a bum on welfare? Nothing would make her happier!!! F*ck*ng yeah.

Awful people.

Maybe your meds will kick in...




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