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Re: Problems dealing with not working karaS

Posted by iris2 on September 28, 2004, at 14:18:27

In reply to Re: Problems dealing with not working iris2, posted by karaS on September 28, 2004, at 1:04:13


Thanks for being so supportive. I do not think I would want to charge people for helping them get their disability. Perhaps I will call the local chapter of NAMI and inquire.

If you are interested in applying for disability you can do it even if you are working some. I do not remember everything but I do know that being able to work while you are applying does not preclude you from either applying or receiving it. I know that many people think they are terrible for asking for this type of help and feel guilty about it. It is there for the time when you need it. Another reason for getting on it even just for a short time is that in two years you get on Medicare. Getting some type of insurance is really helpful. It is hard if you can only work part time or sometimes even full time and you have no insurance. Sometimes medical bills can eat your whole paycheck and more. (The two year wait is relative; I will explain it to you if you are interested) Once you start getting the insurance you can continue to receive it for a couple of years even if you go completely off the disability. This can be a great benefit. If you have any interest in it or know anyone that needs to know more let me know or ask me.

Since starting Amisulpride I have felt more able to do a little. Unfortunately it compromises my bladder. I do not know if I told you I have a bladder disease which is making it impossible to take any antidepressants. It is interstitial cystitis. When I took 75 to 100mg I did a lot better but I cannot tolerate it. I am still trying to figure out a way to be able to take more without the frequency/urgency/pain.

The one job I really wanted became available the other day. It is just dog walking but it will provide a little very much needed money, get me out, make me walk a little and have some reason to get up and a feeling of accomplishment. Another job, 12 hours a week, working as an activities assistant for the elderly I am sending in a resume for. I have done this job as a volunteer many times along with volunteering for other things mostly the elderly. I had done volunteer work since I was 15 years old.

It is always easier to do for others than for myself. That is why even though I do not seem to be able to accomplish much more even now in my home I know from past experience that I would be more capable and accountable to a job.

I am not sure I will be able to work at any job but I feel good enough to at least try. I have had to quit or been fired before and at least this time I will know that I had a problem going in so it would not be such a terrible blow if it happens.

I always liked one saying my mother had: "You give when you can and take when you have to."

Good luck finding a job that fits your needs.

Try not to over tax your abilities. Better to start slow and build upon your abilities than bite off more than you can chew and fall flat right away. Do not feel bad if whatever you do does not work out. Remember lots of people that have no "problems" at all end up getting fired or having to quit jobs. People with disabilities are always told or made to believe that it is their disability that makes them fail at a particular job and many times that is just not the case. Everyone gets fired at some point in their life or they just never put themselves out there much!
Again lots of luck. Keep me apprised.

With warmth,





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