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Re: Cymbalta and supplements verne

Posted by karaS on September 29, 2004, at 3:54:51

In reply to Re: Cymbalta and supplements karaS, posted by verne on September 28, 2004, at 18:34:47

> Hi Kara,
> I backed off on the supplements when the usual handfuls, in combination with cymbalta, made me agitated or upset my stomach. I haven't determined yet which ones don't go well with cymbalta.
> I have noticed that caffeine and cymbalta don't mix. By itself I don't find cymbalta agitating, but after a small amount of caffeine (my case coffee) I'm immediately shaking. I simply can't get away with coffee like I used to.
> I'm not sure yet but I seem to experience a paradoxical reaction to sedating herbs like kava kava, skullcap, and other calming supplements while on cymbalta - I just end up feeling sedated and agitated at the same time. My heart is pounding until the internal battle is over.
> I usually brew a small pot of herbal tea in the evening but while on cymbalta I can't drink half a cup. I've even tried very subtle, innocuous, herbs like red clover that don't usually cause much of a reaction and I always feel worse. In fact, I retired my tea pot to the cupboard this morning.
> So it looks like cymbalta doesn't go well with herbs. I can't even list what I've taken. My cupboard looks like the shelf of a health food store - I reach in, feeling my way around, never sure from one day to the next, what I'll be taking. (I hope to correct that soon and start keeping a journal)
> I can say that my "amino night" formula seems to go well with cymbalta though. I took 3 caps today when I od'ed on coffee. It's put out by Source Naturals and has arginine, lysine, and ornithine. I felt much better within a half hour with no later ill effects.
> I feel much more motivated now. I can't seem to dive into worries like I used to. There's a buoyancy. I can focus better and even think more clearly - yet my memory isn't as good at times. But most importantly it does help with the depression. I have more energy too.
> verne

Hi Verne,

Wow! I'm glad I asked. I'll be very careful with supplements and coffee once I start on Cymbalta. Does the "amino night" formula usually help you get to sleep? I ought to try that one.

I hope that I have your success on Cymbalta. Have you benefitted from a lot of other ADs before? I had a very short response on Prozac and that's about it. Effexor helped a little but not nearly enough. Paxil and Zoloft did absolutely nothing for me. I guess I'm thinking that if you had a great response to the others then I shouldn't get my hopes up for Cymbalta.





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