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Re: Update and other stuff

Posted by noa on April 24, 2003, at 6:29:29

In reply to another prayer- noa, posted by judy1 on April 23, 2003, at 23:41:19

Thank you all for all the support. As I said, it really helps.

The update is that my mom seems to be doing better in that she is tolerating the pain meds she is now taking. The best one for pain relief, was hydrocodone, but she was completely out of it when taking that. Now, believe it or not, she is back to the tylenol with codeine, which is what she had thought had set off her vomiting blood! She now thinks that maybe her stomach had been worn down by all the ibuprofen she had taken, which was a LOT, before getting the tylenol with codeine scrip.

So, she is a bit groggy, but able to be awake more and sounded much better on the phone. Still in a bit of pain, but obviously more tolerable, since she was able to be sitting up and having a conversation with me.

My brother is there and I will go either this afternoon or tomorrow morning (I'd like to overlap with my brother, but it is looking more and more likely that I won't be ready to go today, oh well).

I got some info on the web about the procedure (vertebroplasty) and sent it to my dad and my siblings. It is pretty amazing what they can do. There is also a newer procedure called kyphoplasty which not only seals up the fracture but first, using a balloon, actually un-collapses the vertebra close to its normal height, helping to prevent deformity. I don't know if mom can have kyphoplasty--she'd have to ask her doc about it. I sent her the info, so hopefully she will ask. She already has a lot of deformity (her back is bent) and I don't know if that affects her candidacy for the kyphoplasty. Well, at least she can have the vertebroplasty, which will stop the pain.

Still have the unanswered question as to why, after 6+ years of Fosomax and no fractures (she had already had a lot of fractures before Fosomax was available), she is suddenly having fractures again. But that has to wait for her osteo doc to come back from vacation.

Geez, in all of this, with worrying about them, I have to admit that I have also started some egocentric worrying about me--all the things that will deteriorate as I age, too.

While I'm on my hypochondriacal theme here, I have this confession: ever since David Bloom (NBC reporter) died of an embolism, I have been having occasional worries about that. It happens suddenly to people in great apparent health and physical shape and here I am overweight, unexercised, often sedentary, etc. etc. so how do I know if it might happen to me? I especially think about this on those "hermit" days when I sit at my computer playing inane games and going on line, because I go into a kind of "trance" and hours go by with me sitting in one position, which has got to be bad for circulation!

Ok, obsessive rant is over.

My father did his stress test but no results yet. My brother emailed me to say that Dad has returned to his gym (before the heart "event") he was at the gym 5 days a week--cycling, walking and swimming--pretty darn good for an 82 year old guy, no?), and that one day this week, he did a mile on the treadmill but felt light headed afterwards. I only hope that he will make good decisions like, if you are lightheaded after doing a mile, maybe you should do LESS next time! Don't worry, I won't say it to him that way (my other brother--the one who is local to them--would, though, and maybe even more forcefully and with high volume in his voice, LOL).

On another note, washing machine guy is coming back today to install the new part which arrived in the mail yesterady. YAY!! So hopefully, by later today, I'll be able to do laundry here. (Again, I laugh, because this makes me sound like the "Queen for a Day" contestant!).

Thanks again for all the support! You guys are great!




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