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Posted by noa on April 20, 2003, at 21:25:23

My mom doesn't seem to be doing well. I may get on a plane and go there tomorrow because she has a consultation with a doctor and I think she needs someone there to ask questions and take notes. She is sedated by the pain killer patch, but still in a lot of pain, so she isn't at her best and I'm concerned she needs someone there with her.

Her friend is driving her, but knowing my mom she would never let her friend sit in on the doctor's meeting. I am not sure she'll even let me, but I think if I push it she will, with me. But not with her friend.

I am glad her friend insisted on driving her. My dad was going to drive her but he is still recovering from his surgery, so he is not supposed to do things like lifting, and mom definitely needs some lifting help getting out of the car, and besides, he has to go in for some heart tests himself tomorrow.

Damn, I still don't understand why her bone-protecting meds stopped working! And her osteo doctor is off on vacation! She has several fractures in her vertebrae. It just sounds awfully painful. She couldn't tolerate a second patch, which her reg. doc recommended. It made her nauseous. So she is on only one patch and it isn't enough.

Meanwhile, we don't trust my parents that they aren't doing things they aren't supposed to. Like sending my dad to do grocery shopping when he isn't supposed to lift anything!

Which is also why I may just show up and not tell them I'm coming. Because they are just going to protest. So let them protest when it is too late--I'm already there.

My other brother is going up on Tuesday for a few days--same plan to arrive without forewarning.

The brother who lives near my parents seems extremely frustrated. He is taking dad to his tests and arranged for the friend to take mom for her MRI and then later, her doc appointment. But I think I'll get there in time to take her to the doc appointment.

I am worried. YOu hear about people taking sudden turns for the worse, going from doing ok and functioning independently, to sudden crises like this that triggers a downhill trend. I really really hope this isn't the case with them. And both at once!

I'm totally not ready for this.




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