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Re: retirement

Posted by alexandra_k on March 21, 2020, at 18:58:45

In reply to Re: retirement alexandra_k, posted by Jadde on March 16, 2020, at 14:46:04

> If I spend one day in my apartment without going out I start to feel the disconnect from other people, and depressive symptoms start to creep up.

I had to get over that. Accept that there is no reason to get out, here. Unless it is to get supplied. Groceries for a few days.

There isn't anything out there to go out to / for.

> I need to feel useful and productive to feel fulfilled.

Yes, I think everyone does.

> Even taking my dog for a walk at a local track helps.

Yeah. I guess that's a good reason to have a pet. Or kids, even. Because one wants to feel helpful and useful. Because one has the resources to contribute to another's well-being.

I wanted to be a Doctor. Because I did liked the people I was with enough to wish that they lived healthier. Because I wanted to live healthier. Because I wanted to be able to help them and people like them and myself. Not help myself to them, but help them help themself.

But because I didn't want to join them in helping myself to people like me they decided to try and ruin me, instead.

The sort of modern-day equivalent of getting together and throwing rocks at me.

It has been made clear there will only be justice for me in the courts. It has been made clear that there is an injustice. Who is going to stop us? It has been made clear that they can force me to do this with my life trajectory. Why wouldn't you -- if you thought you could get away with it?

Why not take money from graduate students and then simply refuse to process their stuff? Refuse to examine their thesis. Refuse to give them the Degree. Bully and harrass them into going away with nothing. Then publish the work yourself or sell it to another student? Why wouldn't you do that? I mean that's what life is about -- yeah?

I feel that I am going insane dealing with people who are like 'but the examiners didn't say they had to give you the Degree' and they are incapable of comprehending that they don't have to say they have to give me the Degree. Years and years and years and years of multiple choice. Of selecting the answer that is the best fit. Then the most basic of reading comprehension fail from University administration as they think they have the freedom to go 'not ''a'' therefore any of the options we choose!'. They think there is a greyness for them to choose to profit themself at the expense of the fiduciary. They think they are so very *clever* in knowing that they can do whatever they want (the rules don't apply) because they are so very *clever* in working that out.

But it's clear to me that what they are doing is corrupt. Profiting themselves at the expense of the people they were paid to look after.

I think our international students might like to know *before* enroling that administrators don't think they are required to send a submitted thesis out for examination at all. They won't send it out until maximum fees have been obtained (until you have taken more than 2 x the time it was supposed to take). The examiners will find 1 typograpical error between them at least The Univesrity thinks that justifies them failing the studnet.

THe way around it?

TO spend all your time all your day brownnosing and sucking up. Lots of publicity. Let all the studnets know how long you have been there. For how many years you have been working. Be all 'yeah that's totally great' about everyone elses work and maybe they'll start saying those things about you. Then everyone needs to start up with 'you haven't signed them off yet?' And then you be like 'yeah, I'm really worried that they aren't going to'. Until they realise that other people are starting to feel concerned that they aren't signing students off... Then they feel they have to.

That's the process. Brownnosing.

It isnt' about the work -- at all.

If you do the work they only become invested in stealing it.

I guess it's the same with Medical students / doctors in these parts. People want the titles and honors while seeing no patients and by having 25 per cent pay increases most years for ensuring that no doctors are hired on their watch.

Things are very corrupt here.




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