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Re: Fair selection Jadde

Posted by alexandra_k on March 4, 2020, at 14:23:01

In reply to Re: Fair selection alexandra_k, posted by Jadde on March 3, 2020, at 14:04:18

I think the age at which you can change your career trajectory depends.

From your perspective people are living healthier for longer. You could have many many years of productive working life left in you - especially if you are happy and healthy in what you do. Some people choose to continue working well beyond retirement age or 'retire' into charity or other volunteer work that pays them a wage to enable them to continue doing what they do.

I think that the people focused on controling all of the things are fairly invested in hiding just how many working years people actually do have in them... Full of weak excuses about why selection must occur early early early early so early so quick before any assessment of capacity was possible, even. So the issue really comes down to the perspective of others, often.

Will they let you?

Will they let you take a training place or a job that they would rather give to their kid or their grandkid or their family? Never mind about potential or about motivation people can be very invested in things being the way they want them to be for reasons that are supposed to be irrelevant. Making things worse for us all as everybody everybody everybody finds themself in a career trajectory they didn't want for themself because it was imposed on them by others who thought they knew best.

That's often the issue, really.

From my perspecitive, anyway. Sigh.

> Financially, I dont have many choices.

Well, that sucks.

> Family and dog. (Not necessarily in that order).

What else? I mean, I understand those things are important to you, but what else is important to you?

> Thank you for playing along with my ridiculous metaphor. You would make a good therapist.

Ahaha. I think 'good therapists' have been determined to be the kinds of therapists who understand 'quid pro quo' and 'it puts the lotion in the basket' in the service of their sick desires. Those who want to... Join them. Join them in the pursuit of getting away with things for as long as they possibly can. I mean - why else would anybody want to be a therapist -- right?


We don't have therapists in this country. We have people who run institutions where we can lock up people who haven't done anything wrong and see how they fail to thrive in the wicked places we designed for them.

I used to want to be a therapist. But then I realised we don't have any.

The people who are paid to do that are... Wanting to make things like chlorpromazine and date dape sedatives available to people feely for them to self-medicate their pain away. Oh, and of course medicate away teh pain of others. It's ingenious! Old medication. Generic. Cheap for the District Health Board to prescribe as a chemical straight jacket for outpatients in our communities. I mean... What you gotta do to have people happy (or at least not running away) from communal sleeping -- which is culturally appropriate -- right?


It is a sick sick sick sick nation that I'm stuck in.

I have only seen things get worse and worse and worse since my return.

Perhaps as I did the things I needed to do / did the things I was supposed to do and only really accumulated more and more and more and more evidence of the lengths they were willing to go to, the regulations they were willing to violate to ensure that I was kept locked out.

I firmly believe that increasing organisational complextity is the default developmental trajectory.

It is the wicknedness of people that obstructs and prevents development.




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