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Re: Fair selection

Posted by alexandra_k on March 6, 2020, at 13:57:39

In reply to Re: Fair selection, posted by alexandra_k on March 6, 2020, at 13:49:24

In New Zealand the 'Health Science' sort of 'Public Health' sort of 'Maori' pathway to medicine removes cell biology and biochemistry from the curriculum.

Cell biology... Let's see. That is stuff to do with the cell cycle. Which is important for cell replication. So important for things like undestanding of cancer and different targets for cancer care. Also stuff to do with different kinds of cells. Bacteria and human cells and even things like viruses. Again, so that you can understand things like anti-bacterials and anti-virals. To see how various things can target those without upsetting human cells. To think about how different medications (working on different mechanisms) will likely interact.

Biochemistry... Let's see. Metabolic pathways. Enzyme deficiencies.

Just so much stuff...

Probably 2/3 of the curriculum.

Taken out.

Or... The foundational / fundamental aspects.

The sort of pre-cursor aspects that everything else is based on.

So when stuff comes up later (as it will) they will feel like they don't have stuff... Like the crucial stuff has been... Withheld from them. In some way.

Actually, they'll be encouraged to believe they are stupid. Too stupid to follow along / understand.

How can we not be concerned about death magic when the people in charge of admissions and so on don't seem to be trying at all in the most basic of ways for things to be genuinely transparent and fair?

When they don't give their students freedom to take different things and make choices.

There is somethign in the hippocratic oath about teaching the children of doctors.

1) Intellectual heirs are not necessarily biological progeny. Of course you have a duty to help train the next generation. That doesn't mean your biological kid.

2) There has been no assessment of whether they want to learn or not. Awwwwww they want to do death magic? Awwwww they want to grubbity grub grub grub all the money and they can do a free medical degree?

Yeah. They nailed it.

This philosophy business.




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