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Re: Fair selection

Posted by alexandra_k on March 6, 2020, at 13:34:41

In reply to Re: Fair selection Jadde, posted by alexandra_k on March 4, 2020, at 14:23:01

I mean, let's see... I'm 40. That means I probably got another 40 years to go, I reckon.

How fit and healthy I am (how I cognitively function) depends.

If I keep up with physical exercise (pushing myself to improve on something for a while until I platau and then switchign things up)...

And I keep up with mental exercise (same thing again. actually working on things that are hard)...

Then I'll be alright.

It is when people give up that they decline, I think.

When people do the same thing over and over and over and over and over because it is habit or ritual or makes them feel good for comfortable or whatever.

If I do reading and writing and reading and writing and reading and writing as has been government sanctioned as okay for me to do... Then I'll likely live a much much shorter and much much unhealthier life. As they want me to do, of course.

Average life expectancy used to be around 40. People were pushed to do very hard physical labor that was repetitive and often in toxic conditions.

Many people are living to 100 these days. I suppose I'll likely live to 100.

I suppose I have around 40 years of working like left in me.

So maybe 20 (very very conservative) or 30 once my training is done.

Of course people don't want it to be so.

They want to grub grub grubbity grub grub grub all the money so they themselves can retire into a life of luxury when they are 40 or (oh dear about the economy) 50 years old.

They most certainly do NOT want people think that it is possible in any way, shape, or form, to JUST START OUT at that point.

It threatens to undermine their plan of freeriding off the back of others labor for the second half of their life.

That's the trouble with it.





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