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Re: Therapist is retiring

Posted by friesandcoke on May 13, 2008, at 19:15:17

In reply to Re: Therapist is retiring friesandcoke, posted by TherapyGirl on May 13, 2008, at 18:34:33


I was thinking of you today as I saw my therapist! I mentioned to her that she seemed so normal, not all emotional and stuff. She said that there was an imbalance in therapy. That for her and for me the parting of ways is different. She said that she is saying goodbye to 20 people (clients) and that she couldn't possibly be all teary eyed and crying and emotional. I at first did not like her answer but she went on to say that she was going to miss me very much and that she was very proud of me. She then got up from her chair and hugged me and kind of held on. Not a gratuitious hug but a holding on kind of hug. After we hugged (I ended the hug) I took her by the hands and told her I loved her and that I wished in real life she could be my mother. And she said she knew that. It felt so great to be physically close to her. Like some real bonding was taking place. I started to cry when I left and got in my car, even as I was leaving her office but I was not as hysterical as I have been on some days where I could hardly breathe. She is going to arrange for me to see another therapist there and she had said she would have more information this week but didn't. She is pretty good but can mess up like that sometimes. She said she and the other therapist are not in the building at the same time. Or hadn't been. I don't know. Anyway, she said that she would speak to the new therapist about meeting me (and my present therapist) together for about 15 minutes and then the 'new' therapist would leave and my present therapist and I would have the rest of the session to ourselves. I thought maybe the 'new' therapist would stay in for a whole session with me and my present therapist so I could tell her my life's story and what I need in therapy, yada yada but I am going with the suggestion from my present therapist. My birth mother (my only mother, I am not adopted or anything) was and is an abusive personality. I want the new therapist to know not to try to work with me on "healing" any kind of relationship with my birth mother. I call her my birth mother because she hasn't been a mother at all. It is like a relationship between a man and woman where she gets beat up by the man but stays in the relationship. My mother batters me emotionally and always has and I now want to "divorce" her. So I def don't want a new therapist working on trying to "heal" the relationship. I have had enough abuse. I am 54 and the abuse has been a lifetime of it. Even up until now. Please stay in touch. I love hearing from you.


> I know exactly what you mean. I think I would be 6 feet under as well without my T and she's definitely like a mother to me.
> I'd love to stay in touch. God knows, I'll need all the help I can get.
> Let me know how today went when you get a chance.




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