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Re: Therapist is retiring

Posted by friesandcoke on June 2, 2008, at 13:18:34

In reply to Re: Therapist is retiring, posted by TherapyGirl on June 1, 2008, at 18:05:11


I meet the new T tomorrow. She is going to meet me in a session with my regular T. The three of us. What a time to meet. I am in this cast and look like hell. I mean for example my hair. I can't take alot of showers and stuff and my hair is very dry and stands up on end from laying in bed. My last session with my current T is on the 17th of June. But a year and a half ago I was not focused on her leaving. Yes I was thinking about it and even upset about it. But when I would bring it up to her she would always say "we have alot of time". But me myself, I was upset about it even then. What I was upset about was I knew I was losing her for good..forever. I had foot surgery on the 22nd of this month and have been preoccupied with that. But yes I have been thinking of my T and our parting ways. Did I tell you I have made a farewell blog for her? I made it at A way to put in some memories and a dedication to her. I don't have alot of money to buy her a gift. I know of a book she has read and liked very much. I wrote the author to ask if I sent a copy of the book to her if she would sign it. What I got back was they would send me a signature on something or other that can be placed in the book. So I will have that signature for her and was thinking of getting her a copy of the book. But the same author has written other books and I don't know if she has read those other books. But I know she did like the one book. Can't hurt to have two copies. I also bought her a domain name which will "point" to the website, the blog. I know what you mean about toxic enviroments. I am in tuned with that. And you had surgery too. I had a big blow up with the surgeon and his office and I consider us very much on the outs. As soon as this is over and I am normal again, I am going to complain to the dept of health about the quality of services rendered by him and his lousy staff. What a bunch of mean people. And stupid. I had surgery on the 22nd and only today, June 2 has anyone from the home health agency come. I am getting the cast off on June 4th so I would say it is a little late. I needed help the day after surgery and beyond. Not almost 2 weeks later! And I had requested it too. His office said I didn't need it and then I called there to complain that I was having a hard time getting around and did need it and all hell broke loose. Arguing on the phone and so forth. I did not need that crap at any time and especially when I am incapacitated from getting around due to a cast. I live in New York. Let me know what state you live in if you want. Would love to know. I don't work right now. Was working as a substitute teacher. Be well for now. friesandcoke
> I understand about being afraid to ask for help, but I'm getting better at it over the years. I didn't need much help after my surgery, but I did ask for and receive some, especially the first week. And guess what? People were glad to help out. I hope you will have a chance to find out for yourself.
> I work for a non-profit agency that serves people with developmental disabilities. It is rewarding work, but I'm not crazy about the current atmosphere, so I'm actually job searching. The first week back went okay for a couple of days, but by the end of the week I was worn out and stressed out. My body hurt in ways it has not since the first few days after my surgery in April. More evidence that the environment is not good for me.
> Have you met your new T yet? How are your sessions going? Your T's retirement is some time this month, right? I'm thinking about you. Keep me posted on how you're doing.




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