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Ah sh*t *triggers8 long, whine.

Posted by muffled on August 22, 2007, at 11:56:31

ok so I gonna take what ll said and see what happens...
LOL :-(
I succeeded in royally pissing off my T...ex T
She usu works only 2 days a week, and I let her know I was back and she didn't call, and that was mostly Ok but I kinda worried that mebbe she was having a family crisis or something, and there was nothing I could do, or find out w/o being what I deemed as intrusive.
Then I statrt to feel the needy monster creeping in, and It REALLY pissed me off cuz I thot I was over that. MOST of me is. But I been really stressed for other reasons ans that makes me split, and so its harder when the parts are separated to keep things going smoothly. Hence the needymonster rearing her head and cause much turmoil and anger internally.
So this a.m. I phoned T's office to see wassup and she ANSWERED, sh*ts, usu you get the answer machine.
So, duh, I hung up, and I KNOW she absolutely HATES hang-ups, its a bugaboo of hers. Damn. Then she phones right back, even tho my number wouldn't be shown in any way, cuz she KNOWS its me. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid.
So she leaves a message (cuz OF CORSE) I didn't answer.
and then I DELETE IT by accident anfter only one listen. Arrrggghhhh. So I think she said something bout e-mailing me but didn't have e-mail addy. And that she was real busy today, but MIGHT try and call again, and if not today, then tomorrow a.m., and we could 'visit' on the phone. And I can't tell after only 1 listen if she's mad at me. And does she KNOW that I'm a complete idiot that apparently NEEDS this phone visit?????? WTF is my problem??? Why can't I do right? Why can't I move on? WTF DO? I want from her? Arrrrggghhhh.
I dunno whether to answer if she phones.
I dunno what to say.
I dunno what to do.
I just gonna go visit B2 in her closet, and mebbe B2 we can sit and be REALLY quiet, and noone (cept good babblers) will know we there, and we can hide, and be safe and nothing at all.




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