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wonky but here

Posted by ElaineM on August 4, 2006, at 14:03:25

In reply to Re: I'm so unwell *triggerish? ElaineM, posted by muffled on August 3, 2006, at 23:16:18

(((muff))),(((caraher))) It made me feel really good to see that you were both thinking of me. I didn't read your posts before I went, but on the way there, I was thinking of how I wished one of you all, was with me.

====== dental triggery, if you're sensitive to such things=======

I'm back. I went by myself and had to stay there while some of the wooziness left, and to make sure I wasn't going to faint. It was pretty brutal but I made it through. It took 1.5hours, and he had to sit me up twice cause I started to blackout. He said that I have really messed up teeth (like, sub-surface)which is so frustrating cause I had alot of work done to get a straight smile -- seems kind of pointless now. He went through my chart and read to me a part from 10 years ago, that said that certain teeth required preventive root canal therapy, even then. He said I've always had bad teeth genetically, and then the malnutrition and osteoporosis just pushed my mouth over the edge. I asked to not use nitrosoxide (which was what I had a reaction to last time, not novocaine). He froze me but because the nerve ending and canals were so infected and damaged, he hit active pulp 3 times. It's almost like a reflex action then. My whole body shuddered. The apoligized every time though which was nice. But because the tooth was already opened he had to inject right into the open nerve all three times -- it was like being tazered in the head.

It was rather complicated but he charged a few hundred less than the specialist (and I'm already one of the few uninsured who he's decided to let pay in installments). Mostly cause I have a bunch more teeth to go -- the bills are going to be massive.

So, I'm just continuing the antibiotics I've been on, but we noticed that it doesn't work as well as it used to cause I've been on it pretty much all the time since my first procedure in June. I hope the infection leaves my neck and sinuses really soon. I have to call him next week to start planning for the second one, and I've already pre-scheduled the followup session for the two ones done now (you have to wait a few weeks before replacing the temporary fillings) He also is watching the first tooth that the endodontist did that isn't "dead" like it should be -- he said he'd check it out next week too, and would call the guy himself to get him to fix it properly. AAHHHHHH!

I'm in so much pain now and am still dizzy, but I hope that he was able to completely repair this tooth -- I wish my mouth wasn't so complicated! (even my braces took six years. my ortho used to joke around with me about it)

BLAH, I feel like I just gave my entire dental history! And I thought my psych. file was a fat one! My T is actually back tomorrow (I got confused about what day it was). So he'll be reading my email saying that I'll take his money...Nervous and embarrassed. But, all the other teeth are uppers, which Dentist said are too complicated for him to attempt. I can't carry those costs alone. I'm trying not to think of how I'm going to be in crazy debt after this, but I don't really have a choice.

I'm pretty tired. I hope I get some relief for going through this. I'm scared that even after a day or two, the pain will still be there just as strong. (that's part of why I don't like using med's -- what if the last resort falls through?, or something) I even got a meeting, and an ultrasound out of the way yesterday, hoping that I'd feel comfortable enough to rest this weekend.

Thanks everyone for listening to such boring stuff. I'm glad to be back reading a little. I was kinda upset when I thought that I wouldn't be able to be back on here for awhile. Sometimes, when I think that I may end up in the hospital, one of the things I worry about is that I will not be able to talk to you all. That sounds a bit silly to me -- that this could matter to me so much -- but it's true.





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