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Re: Potential concerns, ideas for rules

Posted by Dinah on July 1, 2006, at 13:07:56

In reply to Potential concerns, ideas for rules, posted by gardenergirl on July 1, 2006, at 12:23:55

> I also think we need to agree on some rules/guidelines for the group. Some for us to consider include:
> · No one has to post or participate at any time if they don’t wish to.
> · Maybe a statement or some other “consent” that this is a self-help process, agreeing that it is not therapy, not therapist or otherwise professionally led, it’s voluntary, etc. Do we need to talk about possible risks?
> · Our interactions should be non-judgmental, supportive, constructive, etc. And how do we handle any incidences of incivility as a group (assuming Dr. Bob or non-participating deputies might intervene?…I would not feel comfortable acting as a deputy for these posts if I’m so involved. I suppose unless there’s something grossly inappropriate.)

I think those are good rules. And I'm sure incivilities would be handled under ordinary Babble guidelines. I'm with you about preferring not to deputize when I'm involved, unless it is a gross violation of the civility rules.

> I’ve also thought of the following potential concerns that may or may not actually happen and may or may not need addressing either in advance or as they might occur. What concerns do others have?
> · Anything we post about our skills practice or events going on will be archived in Babble. Will this present a problem/concern? I suppose we could form a closed yahoo (or some other) group instead of doing this here if it’s a strong concern.
> · Others who are not participating will be able to read our threads as they develop. Some might choose to post comments or questions. Will this be an interruption or trigger? How should we handle these? A couple of thoughts I had about this: we could politely ask the person with the comment or question to begin a new thread, and anyone who wishes to participate in that dialog may do so. Or…(I cringe to even suggest this), maybe this would be a good trial for a small, closed board? (ducking…just an idea).

I guess there'd be the same advantages or disadvantages as always to an open and archived forum like this. People should use their customary judgement about disclosure. You would miss some of the advantages of a IRL closed group but would gain the advantages of someone becoming interested and deciding to join in in whole or in part.

> · If we rotate leaders, and more than one person volunteers to lead a module or even a week, how do we decide?

First post offering gets the job? And those who have led before wait until there is no leader forthcoming with time run out to volunteer again?

> · How to handle any conflicts which might come up.

With our customary tact and grace? And Dr. Bob to fall back on? I've never been involved in DBT. Is there a greater than ordinary chance for conflict?

> · How to handle triggers, and what constitutes a trigger (a big topic).

Given the topics covered in DBT, triggers are probably a definite issue. We request that people follow the trigger warning customs that appear to be in the process of becoming formalized on Babble? If anyone has any specific triggers, others try to be polite by pointing them out in the subject line?

> · How to handle disclosures: i.e. no one can share these with those outside of Babble? No one has to disclose. No pressing for details if the person does not wish to give details?

Definitely no pressing. On an open internet board like this, I'm afraid confidentiality will of necessity be limited.

> · Can people join at any time? Only at the start of a new module? If someone drops out, can they drop back in?

Because of the nature of this place, maybe the ordinary rules of DBT groups could be waived? Apart from all else there may be lurkers following who are moved to join in at any given point. Babble hospitality would indicate they be welcomed. Suggestions on reading the modules could be given as necessary, if it's clear someone has no idea what we're doing. I know it's not how DBT is usually done, but this isn't the usual forum either.

> What do you think? Any other concerns or suggestions? Anyone want to volunteer to write up the rules as a post when we agree to them?
> gg

That seems reasonable. At the beginning or as things come up, after discussion someone could write up the conclusion we've come to, and post it somewhere along with other conclusions.

I'm wondering if Dr. Bob would let us enforce nonBabble rules?




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