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Re: Ideas about content and structure

Posted by Dinah on July 1, 2006, at 12:46:54

In reply to Ideas about content and structure, posted by gardenergirl on July 1, 2006, at 12:16:17

> Potential content:
> There are four modules: core mindfulness skills , interpersonal effectiveness skills, emotion regulation skills, and distress tolerance skills. According to the manual, the latter three can be covered in eight weeks each, although I think we might do better to allow two weeks between “assignments”, so likely we will need to go longer. The book also says to allow 2-3 sessions for the mindfulness skills. These skills are infused throughout the rest of the program, allowing us a chance to refine them and apply them fairly regularly.
> In each module there are “lessons” and activities that would be done in the group session, and then homework assignments. The homework is reviewed in the next “session”. So one way we could do this is to have someone (the current leader?) start a discussion about the current lesson/topic and describing the skills. We could take a week or some other amount of time to discuss it in a thread, and then take a week or two to do the homework and then post about it? Maybe Day 1 of topic: Start discussion thread. Day 5 (or 7): Assign/explain homework. Day 10 (or 14) start posting homework experiences. Going forward continue any discussion as needed about this, but at the same time (Day 14?) the leader introduces the next lesson? Or do we need to have a period of time to end discussion of current homework before moving on?

I think it's fine to move on. But one advantage to having separate threads for separate lessons is to have it be possible for people to go back to a lesson or catch up on lessons without confusing the current lesson. I think you suggested linking the threads on a central thread? I think I'd vote for that.

> I also thought that maybe we could have a standard way of making subject lines that identify which module/activity it refers to. I think that would be easier for me, at least. And if someone gets behind, we could easily see what their posts refer to. For example, a subject line about the first Mindfulness lesson could include at the beginning: “M1” and then discussion. Or M1 homework. Or M1 question? Or M1 (specific issue/topic), etc. I don’t think we need to make this mandatory, but I think it would help.

That does sound good, and also separate threads would help.
> Also, should these be all in one gigantic thread, or a new thread for each module? New thread for each lesson? Separate discussion and homework threads? Hmm, if this could be a large sticky thread (linked at the top) that could be helpful.

My vote would be a new thread for each lesson linked from a central thread.

> Another aspect of DBT skills training as it’s written is the use of diary cards. These are used to track specific behaviors and feelings, as well as track practice and use of the skills. I think that tracking is a useful thing, as our “impressions” of how we are doing are not always accurate. So I think there are two questions about diary cards. One, do we want to use them? And then if we do, do we want to share them either generally or specifically? There are also different versions of the diary card available. I found the following at:
> A few examples below.
> Original card:
> Newer version:

Maybe people could share as they feel comfortable? Different people seem to have different comfort levels on what they feel comfortable disclosing.

> This one does not have a place to mark skills used, but it’s otherwise pretty good. The others are options as well. There may also be other versions out there, but I just clicked on the first google link. So if anyone finds something else, we can look at that as well. Links to the handouts and the book below:
> Other ideas? Reactions? Suggestions for when to start?

As soon as possible? I'm looking forward to it.




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