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Re: i have been thinking...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2005, at 20:49:25

In reply to Re: i have been thinking..., posted by alexandra_k on October 20, 2005, at 19:55:09

so that registrar did pass me on to the other doc. and yeah, i got a letter saying he had recomended that i be discharged. and so... i had a chat to the other doc. and yeah. they have discharged me. apparantly... get this. but apparantly i function too well to be treated within the service. they are haggling over whether DID counts as a 'major axis one dx' (they don't think it does) they are even willing to quibble over whether the disorder is 'real' (seems that 'officially' they think not at this point in time) and they think it is a grand joke that i was dx'd with bpd.


yeah ok so i got all sh*tty and lost it a bit. went off about how what are they trying to do? do they need me to go off the deep end and mess myself up or what? part of me... is getting pretty strong urges round about now. he said that i function too well... and that based on my functioning i should never have received the treatment that i have thus far within the service either.

so that is that.

i am so f*cking mad. and sad. i swear to god that if i ever seriously am going to do anything to myself i am not going down alone. no f*cking way. i can't believe this...

he said that yeah i report subjective distress, but me and how many others? subjective distress is not appropriate criteria to determine whether or not someone receives intervention from within the service.

i haven't been in contact with the service for most of this year. haven't really been getting any treatment for a while now.

and now... they are using that as evidence for my high functioning without service intervention.

and so yeah i started making threats.
i hate myself so much.
but if its any consolation
i hate them more.

i am so f*cking mad...




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