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Re: Don't know how to bring this up with T (trigge fairywings

Posted by greyskyeyes on September 29, 2005, at 9:19:51

In reply to Re: Don't know how to bring this up with T (trigge greyskyeyes, posted by fairywings on September 28, 2005, at 16:38:54

>>> My EX-T actually had the balls to say to me once, "I have a patient who has just the opposite problem as you, she LOVES being a mom!" That really hurt! I'll never forget it. I don't know if he realized what he was saying, or if it was an intentional jab, but I wanted to twist his w**nie! ; )

OMG!! That is so insensitive. Aren't they supposed to learn *not* to say those kinds of things in T school? What did you do? I would have walked out! (possibly with a w**nie twist on the way out the door, LOL)

> Oh, and he was *hot* so it was nice to have therapy eye candy! :D I am terrible.
>>> Hey, what's wrong with that? Better than having to look at .... well, not eye candy! ; ) Did it every make you wonder what they were like at home, as a couple?

All the time! I imagined that he must be the perfect husband/ father. Which of course can't be true, but you know how fantasies go... :) His son is only a few months older than ours, so we were able to compare kid notes. It was nice to relate to him on a parent-to-parent level occasionally (he was so jealous of the fact that our son started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks... as of 1 year his son STILL wasn't! nyah nyah)

>>> I'm with ya on that one, no sharing sessions, but there's NO way I'd share my T either! ; ) He's MINE! Mine ya here me?! MINE! I don't want anyone else "tainting" my stuff with their stuff! LOL

Mmmm, I can understand that. I was hesitant at first - partly b/c I'm afraid she might unintentionally have a bias. Also b/c she's very soft-spoken and always lets me set the pace, whereas my husband can get very excited and emotional - sometimes he needs to be reined in! His former T was great with that... my T tends to let him run rampant but luckily she's starting to get the hang of 'handling' him. ;)

I actually like sharing, b/c she knows me and knows what's going on behind the issues that come up. So I don't feel paranoid that she thinks I'm psychotic or something. And I can tell *my* version in private. :D

~ grey




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