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Re: Trying to make peace and let go Susan47

Posted by pinkeye on June 5, 2005, at 14:10:22

In reply to Re: Trying to make peace and let go, posted by Susan47 on June 5, 2005, at 13:46:17

You know what I think Susan - the problem with you is that you have a very highly capable brain. And you think too much or rather ruminate (think about the same thing again and again and trying to figure out). I think you are lured into this kind of rumination becuase of the glimpses that you get when you do it. There are sometimes powerful connections you discover, and powerful insights you discover, and I think you are extremely attracted to these discoveries, so you keep doing the same thing again and again. You have almost developed it as an hobby now. And you spend all your time thinking like this and ruminating and pleasing yourself with your discoveries. But you probably also wonder why you are not happy and why you are not able to put it all together and make a meaningful and happy life inspite of knowing so much.

And I think sometimes, you are afraid of your own power and knowledge - and you think people won't be able to understand you, that you always know more than others. That nobody has the depth and complexity of mind to be able to understand you. And I think you think you have to figure it out all for yourself and discover the ultimate truth which will lead you to happiness.

I think there are lots of wrongs in your assumptions and that is why you end up going nowhere.

1. By thinking again and again and discovering these glimpses of connections and underlying truths, you will be able to understand life and make a most meaningful life out of it.
---That is not true. Nobody ends up being happy just because of their power to understand things and people and relationships and connections between things. So try to focus on other things, instead of this whirlwind and roller coaster ride of mental animation and ride thorugh the gallaxies (so to speak)

2. Thinking that nobody is capable of undersatnding you. I believe you believe that very deeply about yourself. That nobody can navigate through the web you have woven and understand what is inside you.
----That is not true. You might be surprised at how much people are capable of understanding us. One person may not understand all of you, but you can get understanding from lots of different people, little bit here and there. Everybody understands one face of us.

3. And somehow you think you are not beautiful because of all your understanding and seeing things which other people don't see.
---That is also not true. Other people have as much insight into things as you do, and people understand things far more than you imagine they do. So you are not alone. A proof would be to surf the web and read many people's blogs. You will discover universal amount of insight and knowledge in people. And I think you need to accept that you are powerful, and that you are capable of undersatnding stuff, and that you have to somehow find a way to direct your energies in the right path. Without that focus and direction, any amount of energy and intelligence and knowledge will be misguiding, and no matter how much you understand things, ultimately, you won't be able to put them to good use.

For me, the direction and focus comes from two - three sources. One - God. Two - other good people around me. Three - a desire and commitemnt to be good irrepsecitve of anything that may happen in my life and what others do to me. This commitment is partially selfish - becuase I believe in after life, I want to have a good life in my next birth. So irrespecitve of what others do to me, or how much I suffer, I always have that commitment to be somehow good and see the good things in life. I fail manytimes, but I end up picking up myself and getting to the correct path again.

It might be a long stupid post, but I think if you think about it, you might gain some insights which will steer yourself in the right direction.

And I honestly think, without some form of spirituality, your energy is going to mislead you. It is ok for dumb people to not be spiritual - they don't have too much energy and it won't cause them any harm. But not for you. You have lots of energy and without that spirituality, it is like a 10000 Horsepower motor running empty and directionless.




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