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Other possibilities... Penny

Posted by Racer on February 16, 2004, at 16:06:11

In reply to I guess he's not perfect after all., posted by Penny on February 16, 2004, at 13:47:24

Right now, it sounds as if you feel as if his delay in responding to you email is an intentional rejection of you. Obviously, I have no idea why he hasn't responded yet, but I can think of several possible reasons, and even if not one of them even resembles the truth, maybe one of them will at least cheer you up.

1. He's gone skiing for the long weekend, without his laptop.

2. His guinea pig chewed through the cord on his desktop, or maybe the telephone line that runs to his modem.

3. His ISP's server was attacked by a very, very specific Denial of Service Attack by a bored teenage hacker with nothing better to do and no more ambitious ideas.

4. He was kidnapped by space aliens.

5. (This one is personal, so I'm putting it in parentheses in order to keep it out of the "real" possibilities list. When I answer my emails, I answer the quick and easy ones first, and sometimes put off those that matter most to me. The ones that really matter to me, I want to write thoughtfully, and without constraints of time or energy. Maybe he's waiting until he can give your email the full attention and effort he feels it deserves?)

6. In his spare time, he's a secret ops agent for British Intelligence, and -- even as we type -- he's on a Super Secret Mission to the Former Republic Of Togo.

7. He's at the White House, trying to help GWB understand why he feels this need to believe that he won the last election.

8. He's distraught over the death of his goldfish.

9. He tripped over a wrinkle in the space-time continuum and is now hurtling between dimensions, desperately hoping he'll find his way back to this one.

10. He was having an off day; you were having an off day; they just happened to coincide. He may not have seen your email yet -- not everyone checks email every day. Or, maybe you were having such a bad day that your perception of him was slightly off. That's certainly happened to me. (Ask me about it sometime, I'll tell you -- most of it.)

(What's that? Why only most of it? Hey, remember: when I see my pdoc, my tongue grows to 35 times its normal length, and salivary production surpasses all known records. I really and truly will not tell anyone all of it ever. Never ever ever will everyone know the WHOLE story.)




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