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Re: Neurontin, Take me away!

Posted by Karen_kay on January 6, 2004, at 19:12:43

In reply to Re: Neurontin, Take me away! Karen_kay, posted by DaisyM on January 6, 2004, at 17:40:55

> Karen -- here is my shoulder and I'm wearing cashmere -- it is soft and cuddly and you can stay as long as you need/want...

*I adore cashmere :) But my makeup might smear on it. Do you want to rethink your offer? :)
It sure is sweet though. I'm feeling much better now that I have anxiety meds, and I don't have to take 1800 mgs like I did in the past. That's really nice!!

> It sounds like a really hard, really good session. I'm proud of what you did and did so well! Good for you! You made him think and that is huge.

*It was a really good session I think. It made us both think about some things. I've really been shutting down during the sessions and I think talking to him may help him realize why. I got a lot out of the session. I hope he did too! He thanked me for pointing some things out to him to "help him be a better therapist" and I told him I'll have a whole list next week :) I'm mean sometimes!

> Trust is an ambiguous creature. It can be fleeting and it has so many levels. You'll get there. Think of the trust it took to say the things you said today.

*I know I trust him or I wouldn't be able to tell him the things I do. It's easy to say things on the computer because you aren't staring at someone face to face. But to look someone in the eye and tell them your "secrets", that takes trust. It's just that sometimes I trust him less than others. And it's not entirely his fault...

> I know you miss your dad. This is really hard and so confusing. It is totally ok to love and miss HIM and hate the things that happened. My Therapist today told me healing takes a really, really long time. We (I love that he says we!) have to grieve it all first and then begin to move past it. And stay sane while we do this. So slow is the best course of action.

*Your therapist sounds wonderful! It sounds like you have a great relationship together. I think that my biggest problem is that I still deny, in my heart, that it happened. I know that it did. But I still don't accept it. I'm still waiting for more proof. I don't know exactly what I'm expecting, but I am still waiting. I guess I j still just don't want to believe it.

> Figuring out the source of your anxiety is a good step towards resolving it. Tonight and tomorrow will probably be hard but keep posting and writing. We are here for you.

*Yes, I know. I really didn't even consider that dream to be the source. I mean it is just a stupid dream. But, looking back, I can see how it could cause me such anxiety. I need to quit avoiding it and start thinking about it. I just don't want to. Will you do it for me? PLEASE??? I'll pay you a dollar :)

> Warm thoughts.
> -D

Thank you sweetie! Your posts help out so much! You really can't know how much! Did you go today? Are you feeling better hun? I hope so! I'm thinking about you as well. I didn't think I'd get so wrapped up in ths place, but it seems I am. And I'm glad :)




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