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Re: Paul Jay sigismund

Posted by alexandra_k on August 10, 2018, at 22:53:54

In reply to Re: Paul Jay, posted by sigismund on August 10, 2018, at 0:31:43


so true.
we are having troubles over here.
it's become very fashionable to go 'that's racist' as a way of shutting down... anything that calls into question the present (racist) status quo.

i once said to the speaker after a seminar that Maaori seemed to be doing better in Australia and so perhaps we should look into that since this country seems to be so very toxic for them...

and apparently that was racist.

Don Brash said that funding (for public health and education) should be based on 'need not on race'. he was opposed to this capitated funding model where schools or clinics got more money for having more Maaori (as opposed to poor, for example) kids enrolled.

apparently this is racist because it fails to acknowledge the burden of being maaori - which is over and above the burden of being poor.

and of course it would be racist if health insurance companies didn't charge higher premiums on health insuring Maaori. i mean... if you are talking about distributing the risk of being maaori in a way that's non-racist you need to have some version of capitation - right?

the whole thing makes no sense.

I have been reading about the Tuskagee study which observed African Americans natural Syphilis progression in the name of 'free healthcare'. Something something about how hospitals for poor people make poor hospitals.

I think about how we enrol people (Pacific Islanders, preferentially) in clinics in the name of 'cheap healthcare' in order to observe the natural progression of their rheumatic fever (without antibiotics), faulty heart valves, heart failure.

and so on... so very many cases of it. the miniorities and poor people bearing the brunt of... rich people's stupid kids going gung ho (because their own people won't let them anywhere near them).

I joined this clinic and it looked legit. A non-church alternative that was friendly for Maaori and poor people...

Only now the former dean of med admissions turns out to have a lot to do with it. He got a bunch of extra money, you see, for enrolling however many Maaori patients.

I think of the forms I've been asked to fill out in virtue of enrolling in there... Most of them don't have anything to do with my healthcare. It's just data collecting... Data collecting... In the name of cheap healthcare...

pressure for cervical smears and so on and do forth screenign programs.. collecting blood and biopsy samples to oberve...

For the good of???

Are any of these people given treatment (as opposed to being randomised into groups)?

Do any of these people ever give informed consent (or are they told they can take what they are offered -- or leave it)?

NZ doesn't have a health system.

Just a bunch of psychopathic bullies.





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