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Re: Paul Jay

Posted by alexandra_k on August 10, 2018, at 23:03:21

In reply to Re: Paul Jay sigismund, posted by alexandra_k on August 10, 2018, at 22:53:54

i can't decide if the biggest threat to us is from within, or without.

i was worried, before, about our computer software being largely foreign. all the health administration records. all the administration records around patients and problems and prescriptions. all the administration records around financial details for start-up companies (so they can be undermined swiftly so they never become genuine alternatives / competitors).

i was thinking it was a way of foreign interests keeping us down and kicked back.

but not i'm starting to think actually the biggest threat is closer to home. seeing some of the new zealand developed software and it's just awful. you have decision tree structures that prevent you filling in the forms honestly (and if you are found to lie you null and void whatever it is you have applied for). ones that will not progress until they judge you have filled out fields correctly. basically forms where you can't say what you want or what you need or what you are looking for...

i do feel i need to be a refugee from nz. nz will not give me the things i need in order to have a life i consider worth living. it never has done so. i see why i've felt so much guilt and shame throughout my life. i've been targeted precisely because i was easy to control in that way.

i'm fed up with the nasty. the incompetent / psychopathic who have been given positions of power... the ones who saw fit to give them power.

i read the newspaper and people seem incapable of... what i know with my own experience sufficiently mature 16 year olds are capable of... basic empathy and ethics...

i know people are laughing themselves all the way to the bank. managers and executives and chairpeople and the like...

i don't understand what they do. except take most of the resources for themselves.

if you can't get sufficiently away from them...

i see that's why they keep the prisons full. so there is no room for them... the true criminals.




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