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Re: Paul Jay

Posted by alexandra_k on August 10, 2018, at 23:12:28

In reply to Re: Paul Jay sigismund, posted by alexandra_k on August 10, 2018, at 22:53:54

protests at university. students not letting people speak because of some outcry that the speaker is racist.

not in a hate speech against anyone who is not aryan...

i mean...

in upsidedown and backtofront land...

when someone expressed concerns about a treaty grievance industry that genuinely was getting to the point of first born son of tribal chief says give us xxx amount of dollars to lift the mythical monster ban on the site before you can build here obstruction to development...

when someone expressed concerns about that...

concerns about the idea of capitation (which puts a dollar figure on the burden of being Maaori)...

where these ideas are written off as 'racist' without any attempt, at all, to understand the points of concern.

what people simply will not acknowledge is that Maaori are people, too. people with human rights, I mean.

I think the law thing he said wasn't quite fair because the job of the lawyers is to press the judges by bring forth tricky cases (well, i don't think we quite say it like that)... But the job of the judges was to make wise rulings. to have sensible things to say about where we should draw the line on fair payment vs extortion and on acknowledging and respecting spiritual beleifs vs being held hostage to what chiefs say spiritual beliefs are in a way that is expedient for them with little other basis...

But we can't discuss these things like intelligent people when the level of dialogue is 'that's racist!' and name calling and yelling and not letting people speak...

thats the point of things like fetal alcohol effects (which we don't believe in - it's 'normal') and so on...

keep the people stupid...

universities are just... not even what high schools used to be.

horrible... horrible... horrible...

bass thumping for quite a lot of today. doesn't bother other people, apparently.

thinking of how many millions of dollars i need to live in a suburb where people are just bothered by it and where it doesn't happen / where it gets shut down quickly if it does.

i didn't ask to be born.




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