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Gosh GG

Posted by muffled on June 13, 2007, at 15:48:48

I dunno, I don't got no probs w/noboddy here. maybe some got probs w/me? If so, I am very sorry to them, cuz I wish noone harm ever, life is tough enough.
This may be out of line, but I think its a admin thing, in that GG you a deputy, and trying to do your job, and thank you for that.
But I wondering GG, for your own peace of mind, whether you need a break from being a deputy for a bit.
It just seems you somehow get into controversy somehow, and its sad.
I think its a words thing. I just can't follow stuff. I try to read but do not understand. Alls I can see is there seems to be lots of posts and presumably emotion? Controversy.
I am in NO WAY trying to say bad things bout nobody. I think we just do the best we can. I just hate to keep seeing the fusses over you GG, and I just wonder if the tone/intensity might be less for you if you were not a deputy for a bit? I think it intensifies stuff.Therefore I think it needs to be a complete resignation from all duties and access to other parts of babble. Cuz that'd reduce the intensity, cuz then you'd be more perceived as a regular babbler. For all that I would never wish to be a deputy, I think there seems to be some perception of priveledge or something of deputies? I've noticed a time or two.
I am terribly sorry if this seems hurtful, cuz its absolutely not meant to be. Mebbe I am seeing it wrong. Wouldn't be the first time.
So this is not dissing GG. Its just me trying to be realistic and trying to think of a way to tone things down some, for all.
Thats my thots.
Right or wrong.
(((Babblers, incl. deputies)))
and ((Bob)) cuz mebbe he just human after all.




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